leadership newby Dr. Vincent Polite, Sr.
Intellectuals of all type love to suppose and offer various thesis on why black folks behave and believe the way they do. Since emancipation the one thing that has eluded us as a people, is the ability to have a unified voice to address our concerns and grievances. At the community level this has had a debilitating effect on our power to protect and grow our community, in a wholesome and healthy manner.

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Is There A Lack Of Leadership In The Local Democratic Party?

Democratic brokenby Vincent Polite Sr
I find it very absurd that Democrats continue to pedal the idea that staying home and not voting, is voting for republicans. The problem is that the Democratic Party has failed to energize and motivate its base to care about its goals. Because they have no clear objectives, nor has it given people a reason other than the afore mention one to get to the polls, that failure fall squarely on local party leaders and their inability to lead or champion issues that people care about.

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Will The Real Olivia Pope Please Stand Up?

OliviaPopeby Tezlyn Figaro

Well, here we are in another season of Scandal, so this means another season of everyone talking about every episode on Facebook. Sure, I am also a fan but what gets me is that if I ask people to attend a rally, attend a get out the vote event, push a ballot initiative or volunteer for a candidate that is seeking office, the enthusiasm dwindles!

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The So Called, 'False Leaders'

FalseLeaderby Attorney taleph Haynes Davis
Here's my thought for this Tuesday as I get ready to go to downtown Orlando to my law office: These people that some folks apparently consider "leaders" and those of so-called "leadership", who, in my humble opinion, are the self-appointed, self-anointed, narcissistic, snake-oil dealing, pulpit pimp, alleged "civil rights" fill-in-the blank "characters"

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Is the Picture that Rosy in Florida if you are Black or Hispanic?

FlStateSealby Roger Caldwell
Last week Governor Scott gave his fourth State of the State Address and I thought that he could walk on water, after he spoke. From his perspective, he is doing a great job, and Floridians are fortunate that he spent $70 million of his own money to be governor. If we listen to him long enough, we will start believing that he cares about public education, senior citizens, poor and middle class Floridians, and healthcare.

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Go Rally In Tallahassee-Do Nothing At Home: Do Our Leaders Run Away From Local Issues?

NAN Tallahassee"Al Sharpton and the National Action Network led a march Monday from the Tallahassee Leon Country Civic Center to the State Capitol to address 'stand your ground' laws. The parents of Trayvon Martin, their attorneys Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks, the parents of Jordan Davis, as well as the family of Emmett Till joined in the effort.
The march ended with a rally at the Florida State Capitol building where Sharpton was the keynote speaker.

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