Hold Onto Your Dream!

VarianBrandonby Varian Brandon
Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had given his famous "I Have A Dream" speech many times before his rendition at the March on Washington? Many in his "camp" tried to persuade him NOT to give that speech that day because they thought it had been given too many times and some of them were tired of hearing it. The night before, he ended the evening thanking his team for their counsel and said "Now I am going to counsel with God"….

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The Residents Of District Five

VincentPoliteby Dr. Vincent Polite, Sr.
People outside District Five do not understand those who live there and that is the biggest hurdle that the district faces.

Many in Orlando believe that during last week, operatives for the Lynum's camp, in an attempt to vilify Commissioner Lynum opponents, got local mainstream media outlets to publish stories about their arrest records and legal troubles.

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BridgetNorvellby Bridgett Norvell
Running for money or popularity? As the race approaches the gloves are on; or as they say, coming off. It makes you ask that question "what are politicians really running for?" As I see it, its not for the people but it looks like it is for their own personal gain.

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Commissioner Daisy Lynum's Sixteen Years of Inertia

Inertia copyby Paula Denise
In answer to the question 'Should Daisy Lynum be allowed to pick and train her own replacement?': Consensus feels absolutely not, and they have evidence and/or personal experience as to why.

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THE SMEAR: A Last Act of The Desperate Candidate

SmearCampaignA Position Paper Released by: The Pan-Africanist Coalition
The "Smear" is nothing new. It is a political ploy that has multiple, very unkind purposes and is employed to place an advisory in the "Hot Seat" by the release of some sort of embarrassing information. In most cases a good "Smear" exposes some hidden information, i. e., Vice Presidential and Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton.

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Media Observations In Orlando

Mike Greeneby Mike Greene- Former candidate for Orange County Sheriff
Yet another of voluminous observations I made 2 years ago during my run for Sheriff. What I observed was that in general, the media in Orange County is controlled.

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