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Preachers of LA reality show starsby Patreza Newton
I appreciated seeing the souls coming to the kingdom of God on Preachers of LA and it reveal the need for the church to have a method to bring forth their message of reaching the lost at any cost. I notice that most of the people within a couple of churches were not people who had on fancy clothing they were people who were looking for only concern with this show is what message within the method are we showing and giving these new souls and the world about the church.

Although there are a lot of prosperous Pastors in the country, there

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are a lot more who are not. Some pastors are sacrificing their own income to keep the doors of the church open. To be honest, I think the show has to be careful going forward that it doesn't undermine the integrity of all pastors and the church as a whole. I am also concerned that the program's intent is to show another side or the 'real side' of some pastors within the church; that it's not a complete side of Pastors.

I would hate for the show to give the world the impression that the majority of pastors live double standards and all they do is take people's money, live large and in charge. I was glad that some pointed out that they have other streams of income. However, the average hearer probably didn't hear that because the conversation got a heated when it came to honorariums. I do believe that if this show is not careful it could end up doing some real harm to the church and perception of pastors all over. I really don't think that ruining pastors is the shows intent.

I base this on looking at the show objectively and understanding that this is the first episode. My prayer is that the content of the show really does give a better, clearer and positive perception of the church and the Office of the Senior Pastor. I believe if it doesn't, it runs the risk of causing dishonor and distrust in the church and pastors, especially in the area of giving and living.

With that being said, this show confirms to me that the lost are really looking for something to give them hope for their tomorrow's. Most of the congregation members didn't care about the preachers lifestyle. These people were just glad to be getting help. All they know is that when they were down and drowning this person came and gave them hope. I guess in someway, if what I'm seeing is correct about some of the pastors that is the concerning part. You don't want these souls to be misled to think that this is the way it's suppose to be with Christ or that lifestyle doesn't matter.

I was glad to see the rise of unconventional church were clothing and hairstyles etc. don't matter. Most of these people were coming as they were which seem to be a drawing card for plenty of up and coming churches in order to reach the lost and this new generation. I believe the relaxed dress code and the Spirit of God is what draws them to this worship setting.

I will continue to watch in hopes that I will see a more clearer picture.

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