THE SMEAR: A Last Act of The Desperate Candidate

SmearCampaignA Position Paper Released by: The Pan-Africanist Coalition
The "Smear" is nothing new. It is a political ploy that has multiple, very unkind purposes and is employed to place an advisory in the "Hot Seat" by the release of some sort of embarrassing information. In most cases a good "Smear" exposes some hidden information, i. e., Vice Presidential and Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton.

In 1972, Richard Nixon appeared unbeatable. When Senator George McGovern captured the Democratic nomination for President, virtually all of the high-profile Democrats, including Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, Edmund Muskie, and Birch Bayh, turned down offers to run on theComproTax Cul 200X200 ticket.

Candidate McGovern then asked Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson to be his running mate; but he declined and suggested Tom Eagleton. McGovern ultimately chose Senator Eagleton with only minimal vetting. The new V.P. nominee made no mention of his earlier hospitalizations for "Shock Treatments" prescribed by his doctors for clinical depression and in fact decided with his wife to keep them secret from McGovern while he was flying to his first meeting with the Presidential nominee. Thanks to "Tricky Dick" Nixon and his "Smear Squad", the Eagleton cat was quickly let out of the proverbial bag.

As a result of Presidential Candidate McGovern's handling ofCandCsign the Eagleton controversy, there was an opportunity for the Nixon campaign to raise serious questions about McGovern's judgment. In the general Presidential election, the McGovern/Shiver Democratic hopefuls won only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. That was a "Classic Smear" done well.

A Smear Gone Bad on the D.L.
The aforementioned "Smear" was exampled as a feat of dubious morality, however bringing about wonderful results for the perpetrator (which is exactly the idea). However, there are "Smears" that totally backfire into the Smearing Candidates Political Mug; Like Boom!

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Racism and Gentrification In Orlando, Central Florida

Example given: the F.B.I's bugging of the hotel rooms in which Dr. Marin L. King, Jr. stayed during his travels. We all know that some African-American's led their F.B.I. masters to invade an area of life so private, that no person reading this paper would want to reveal such personal information to anyone, much less the entire world. This "Bad Smear" against Dr. M.L. King was unsuccessful, mainly because the Will of the People was not concerned with that issue; they needed leadership that was sorely missing in their lives and in their community and indeed, the Nation.

The D.L. has been outted, however. We know that "The Masters" came, they wanted to destroy and remain in control and the "Overseer" allegedly complied. Thus now, we have an attack on a leader who is out trying to make a difference in our community. The question that any rational voter in District 5 must ask themselves is, Why?

Is the Power of the Incumbency Enough?
Lets be politically real for a sentence with a short illustration, Incumbency = Power! Why does a long term seating Commissioner need to resort to the "Smear"? Nixon was a Paranoid; Hoover was a Racist, why on the D.L.? Most long term incumbents stand on their record. "I brought home the bacon" is the normal cry from the Incumbent. It's hard though, to say that "the bacon" was brought home when "the farm" was sold years ago to the highest bidder. Can't stand on your record, "Fear" get paid, then "Smear"

Desperation Brings on Stupidity
In the annals of pressure situations (like losing your "cash cow" elected position to a political upstart) many mistakes have been made. Here's another recent example, New Jersey Governor Christie's "Bridge-Gate". A series of bad decisions by the Governor, compounded by stupidity, then Boom! The rest will be history.

The D.L. "Smear Move" has backfired in a volcano of an explosion into the political mug of the perpetrator. Set up by the "The Masters" who don't like the "status quo", but like the option of no control over our lives in that lucrative district less. In other words, "The Devil that we know and pay is better that this Unknown Warrior for the 5th who wants to give the power to the people there."

The word is out on the D. L., supposedly and ironically from the very camp of the Queen. Unnamed sources claim that The "Smear" was a bought and paid for operation by "Big Money". As Marie-Antoinette found out, it's not always good to be Queen. She may also want to remember that Court Jesters are people too.
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