The Residents Of District Five

VincentPoliteby Dr. Vincent Polite, Sr.
People outside District Five do not understand those who live there and that is the biggest hurdle that the district faces.

Many in Orlando believe that during last week, operatives for the Lynum's camp, in an attempt to vilify Commissioner Lynum opponents, got local mainstream media outlets to publish stories about their arrest records and legal troubles.

However, one wonders what the people of the district think. With a predominately African American population, current arrest, and incarceration rates by the police and courts, you can be certain that many in that area face the same obstacles that Ms. Hill and Ms. Harris faced.

So, as someone who has made mistakes, paid for them andSteppingStone Logo1 wants to contribute to their community, Ms. Hill and Ms. Harris serve as role models if you will, to those in that area, who otherwise feel there is no reason to try to overcome their past, because it means nothing if society will never forgive you and allow for your redemption.

They know the hardship of paying for a mistake; doesJericho Logo200X67 Ms. Lynum? They know the fear of missing work or losing your job because of mandatory on demand drugs test with a 2 hour window. Having to drop everything and race across town to pee in a cup; does Ms. Lynum? Or worst being arrested for Driving While Black and having your rights taken at gunpoint. Ms. Lynum knows...well actually she does not, but I am sure her son Juan, can bring her up to speed.

So in essence what those operatives are telling those in District Five is that, because you were arrested, and made a mistake, you are not qualified to do anything. You should stay in your place and allow us, the educated and connected black folks, to lead you and speak for you because we know what's best for you. HOW dare you think for yourself and want to be a part of the American Dream because your only future is that of a criminal.

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