The Daisy Lynum Legacy

Daisy2by Lawrence A. Robinson
Ya know, a funny thing, sixteen years ago I actually helped with some minor computer work for Daisy Lynum's campaign. I down loaded, sorted and printed the registered voter list for her campaign manager. So I have been aware of her political existence for all of her city council life.


Over the past several weeks in my capacity as editor of this news magazine, I have received plenty of information about Daisy Lynum as the city council race heats up. Several people have called me to give me detailed adverse information about Daisy Lynum. Other people sent me private messages and sometimes I received information anonymously via a mutual acquaintance.

About seven years ago my wife and I interviewed a gentleman named David VanGelder. Mr. Van- Gelder was a constant pain for the City of Orlando generally and a thorn in City Commissioner Daisy Lynum's side. He owned and managed property and had a business in the Parramore area and was not happy at all with the way Ms. Lynum and the City of Orlando were handling issues in his neighborhood. He was always at the city council meetings defending his principles while trying to defend his home and business in Parramore.


I was just thinking of all the information that I received aboutComTax Lgo200X51 Daisy Lynum. None of it was of a positive nature in any respect. I really don't understand how Daisy Lynum survived in office for 16 years and now with a possibility of staying an additional 4 years.Jericho Logo200X67 These extra 4 years is, in her words are to protect her legacy.

Legacy, what legacy? Everything that I am hearing about Commissioner Daisy Lynum is of a negative nature...but maybe that's just me.

Will you please leave comments of the positive things that you know of that Commissioner Daisy Lynum has done that has helped the community? Leave your comments in the comment section below, and we will collect those comments and offer them to Commissioner Lynum so that she will have a positive legacy worth preserving.

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