Daisy Lynum's 'Pathways to Parramore's' Destruction Plan

PathwaysToParramoreby Mike Greene  (Mike Greene is a former candidate for Orange County Sheriff)
1. It was started in 2005, with Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum as one of the leads. That means Daisy had already been in office for 8 years. Meanwhile this document specifically states that in 2005 more than 73% of kids in Parramore lived in poverty. It goes on to state numerous other dismal statistics. So, in the 8 year period leading up to 2005 what work did she do??

2. It's now 8 years since she started this alleged Pathways To Parramore program. Current statistics show poverty in the Parramore community is 250.8% higher than the rest of theComproTax Cul 200X200 Orlando area and 324.7% higher than the average for the entire state of Florida.

3. Under Daisy's watch, voluminous businesses, homes and land have been taken by the City of Orlando. Pushing those owners out of Parramore.

I can go on, but I'll stop here. What has Daisy done for the community? It's very clear she has harmed the community and it's businesses and residents. I stand by my previous statement that reelecting Daisy Lynum will mean the kiss of death to the Parramore community.

If you live and/or work in Parramore, and you continue to voteCandCsign for Daisy Lynum, you're voting for your own eviction. The proof is very evident and clear. I've been calling her out on this publicly for two years now. I shall continue to call her out until everyone in Parramore is aware of her absolutely destructive actions against them- the same people she tricked into continuously voting for her. You voted her into office, she collected her nice government salary and instead of acting in your best interests, she acted in her best selfish interests.

Was that trip to Africa really needed (partially tax payer funded) and with her OPD officer escort? How did that trip benefit Parramore?? It sounded to me as though she just wanted a trip to Africa and to have it partially paid for. Who wouldn't want a 50% off trip to Africa?

In conclusion, the true shame here is that even 'when' she is voted out of office in April, she will collect a very lucrative pension for the rest of her life. That pension will be based upon her 16 years of slowly destroying Parramore..

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