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This article is a reply from another article I recently read.

It seems that I am being pulled more into the political arena. It's nothing new and I'm not complaining. As we all know, politics play a major role when it comes to the world's system. The world system always fascinated me because someone always wants a piece of the pie.

As you know, the ones that are placed in office are responsible for making decisions when it comes to the following: Economic Development, Agriculture, Banking Finance, Housing, Food, Education, Environmental, Immigration or Taxation.

Sounds like Genesis 1:26 has been taken over for just a certain group of people. Most political leaders don't possess any special talents more than the average individual; they are just the ones that have taken a step to use their passion to make a difference.

A difference may not be everyone's intentions; I always say when it comes to politics it's about the power. Just take a look at the list of what they are responsible for; sounds like power to me. So, why am I not surprised, when I read articles about candidates doingBCard anything they can to stay in or get in a race? You have some candidates running for more than one race or running for open seats just to get in office. "Keep hope alive" I want to believe in my heart that some of their action just might be genuine. But, these stories once again paints that ugly picture that they just might not be running for our best interests. What could have happened? How can people that say they are in it for the people turn out to be so ruthless, cunning and manipulative?

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Could it be proven that behaviors are a product of a person's environment during their upbringing? This theory is defined as a learned behavior. For those who did not have the opportunity for a positive upbringing will sometimes choose to redefine themselves, steering towards good; but, there are some who choose to go higher on the totem pole, to accomplish their own selfish desires, but we will never know until they decide to display these characteristics.

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: It is all up to us to choose how to behave. "If you know better, you do better," you would think. You would think these people know better; aren't these the highly educated, knowledgeable college graduates that are running for these positions?!

How do we stop this madness? Well, since they are trying to add psychological evaluations for things such as guns, driving a car, etc…Maybe we should add the same test for candidates when they decide to run for public office. The saying is - "As a man thinketh, so is he" - I think the voting public should know - let's see what our public servants are thinking. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.



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