Liberating Truth with Jill-Capri Simms

The purpose statement "Liberating Truth" was birthed in 2006 as a result of a 10-week process to clearly uncover Jill-Capri Simms' God-ordained life purpose. However, it was not until June 2011, following a clear unctioning from the Lord and a confirming word from a prophet, that Liberating Truth debuted as a weekly radio teaching program.

Jill Capri Simms smileJill-Capri Simms is the owner and operator of Plumb Line Consulting, LLC, a specialized human resource consulting firm commissioned by the Lord. For more than 25 years, Jill served in HR generalist and specialist leadership roles with large Fortune 500 organizations. However, in 2010 through the prompting of the Holy Spirit Jill began laying the foundation to provide her services, talents and expertise to leaders of churches, ministries, non-profit and charitable organizations, small-/mid-sized companies, and well as in the higher education sector.

Also, in 2010 Jill was commissioned to dedicate 21 days to journal the move and power of the Holy Spirit in her life...which unexpectedly manifested into her first book,"HIM: Encounters with the Third Person." The Lord has placed in Jill's heart two additional books which give Him the glory.

With the bold directive to "use your degree for ministry", Jill married her Syracuse University Broadcast Journalism degree, her International Seminary Practical Theology diploma, her spiritual gift of teaching, and the burning desire to get the pure unadulterated Word of God to the saved and unsaved. The result: "Liberating Truth" a weekly radio broadcast on the Orlando-basedWOKB Gospel 1680AM. The programming aims to de-mystify the Word of God so that it may be applied to the listeners' everyday life.

More than six years earlier, through soul searching and her private time of worship with the Lord, Jill penned 14 heart-felt songs of adoration.  Once again through the leading of the Holy Spirit and partnering with Atlanta song writer Cameron Wade, Jill's first worship song"You're Worthy" was launched to outstanding reviews in the Central Florida listening market. "You're Worthy" is now being played and requested on radio stations and ministries outside the Central Florida area. 

Jill is determined to live the abundant life here on earth that the Lord Jesus Christ died for us to have. Through fervant prayer, expectant listening, and diligent application of God's Word Jill allows the Holy Spirit to have free reign and rule in her life.








































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Roger Caldwell's - Roger Political Blogs

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Roger Caldwell, President/CEO of On Point Media Group is a stroke survivor, who before he had his stroke knew nothing about high blood pressure, and he abused his body. After he had his stroke, he changed his lifestyle, and learned as much as he could about strokes and optimum health.

He has helped to produce a documentary about high blood pressure and also wrote and published of a book, 'The Inspiring Journey of A Stroke Survivor' which can be found on Amazon.

On Point Media Group via Roger Caldwell researches and writes articles that are relevant to the Black political community. Roger's news articles appears in almost every Black owned publication in Florida as well as his own blog.

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The Jason Henry Project

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Jason Henry is a burgeoning writer and locally recognized political analyst. He first gained distinction while running for political office in 2012 for the Florida House of Representatives. While he didn't emerge victorious, his sharp ideas and critical writings about the perils facing Florida earned him the reputation as a young leader and political examiner.





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Thoughts, Love and Reflections with James DeShay

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     Host James Deshay will tackle the social issues of today and also talk about how we as people can improve. There are many hot topics and James interacts with the audience with the wonderful subjects and the tough subjects. Make sure to join him and chime in on the conversation.
     James Deshay has written two books now and working on his third one. In addition, he is an Educator, and a recording artist.












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Community Steeple Media Network-Central Florida

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What Is The Community Steeple Media Network?

The Community Steeple Media Network (CSMN), is a collection of Print Bloggers, Video Bloggers, and Audio Bloggers who have grown their audiences to thousands of visitors a month. These bloggers are now collaborating with other independent bloggers to form a communications network for the Central Florida Black community.


CSMN Members and Supporters

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The Central Florida BootStrapping Project

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The Jason

Henry Project 

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James DeShay

Thoughts, Love and Reflections

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Liberating Truth


Jill-Capri Simms

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Central Fl






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