Orange County School Board Continues To Misinform The Residents About Jones High Closing

OCPSIntro by Staff writer:
So I went to the meeting Thursday evening at Jones High School scheduled by the Orange County School Board. The meeting was called to inform residents and parents about the zoning adjustments needed to get more students into Jones, because it's enrollment is less than half capacity.

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Jones High School, Orlando, Florida is under attack.By Attorney Ka'Juel J. Washington (Professor of Law at FAMU School of Law)
In the wilderness, the prey gets eaten by the predators. In doing so, the more cunning predators tend to use the element of surprise to their advantage. Stalking through the tall grass, the predator will sneak up on its intended target from afar. Once it's close enough, it will pounce on its prey and sink its fangs into its neck. Suffocating it until its life is gone, the hunt is soon complete. The predator will then take the prize back to its young so that all can enjoy the kill.

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Is Scott Creating a Mess with the Common Core Standards?

commoncoreby Roger Caldwell                          

Its election time for Governor Scott, and he is promoting himself as Florida’s education governor. Scott spokesman Lane Wright said, “From day one, Governor Scott’s priority has been to deliver a world-class education system to the students of Florida. He accomplished this through the Student Success Act, and has always supported the expansion of charter schools and giving Florida’s families more choice.” In the last two budgets, our governor has increased the state education budget by $2 billion, and this year some teachers will receive a $2,500 raise, once the counties figure out the requirements.

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Has Governor Scott Demoralized Public School Teachers?

Florida's Gov. Rick ScottBy Roger Caldwell
The Florida School System was rated 5th in the nation in 2013, so they are doing a lot of things right. Floridians have always valued its educational system, and this has always been a priority for Ex-Governor Bush. Many believe that Bush still helps make the decisions about education in Florida.

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It's Agreed, The Orange County School Board Is The Cause of School Failure

ClintonSalterThe article, "Is Orange County School Board Causing Schools To Fail?," was published not long ago in Since then, there has been numerous comments about the article on various social media.

Most of the people who commented thought that the Orange County School Board was doing a very poor job administered equal and fair policy to Black or less affluent neighborhoods versus non-Black or more affluent communities.

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