We need programs that target children who abuse parents

Rosemary Pate was murdered by her 19 year old abusive son.Rosemary Pate did what she thought were all the right things: She earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida and a master's degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. She had a promising 30-year career at Lockheed Martin, working as a senior contracts manager. She had a palatial home in the suburbs of Ocoee, a winning smile, loving siblings and parents, and the best schools for her only son.

Rosemary was committed to community service, mentoring underprivileged children and raising money for causes like Junior Achievement.

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High Blood Pressure: A State of Emergency

For Immediate Release
September 9, 2013

Orlando Documentary Raises High Blood Pressure Awareness
On Point Media Group and My Christian Films is collaborating on an Orlando documentary that highlights prominent, local citizens who are recovering stroke survivors. The documentary “High Blood Pressure: A State of Emergency in the African-American Community” reveals strokes as a “Silent Killer” and urges the community toward a new paradigm of prevention.
“In the African-American community, one out of every two adults has high blood pressure, and this is a huge health crisis,” says Roger Caldwell, Owner of On Point Media. “The medical profession has no definitive answer or explanation why the numbers are so high, yet we believe where strokes are 80 percent preventable.”

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GMO Corn, “1913, Corn is 100% Farmer Owned. 2013, Corn is 95% Is Corporation Owned; 90% GMOs & Apparently, All Need To Wear HAZ-MAT Suit To Touch It.”No man is an island. That goes collectively for systems, agencies and corporations.

The caption reads: “1913, Corn is 100% Farmer Owned. 2013, Corn is 95% Is Corporation Owned; 90% GMOs & Apparently, All Need To Wear HAZ-MAT Suit To Touch It.”

Frankly, far too much of THIS prompts questions of intervention or lack thereof by such agencies as the Department of Agriculture and Center For Disease Control in terms of appropriateness for human consumption and the apparent lack of cooperative partnership with the Department of Agriculture. Further, if logic follows correctly, I believe the Food & Drug Administration is certified and under the Dept. of Agriculture who approves our food.

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Black Women Hair Care 101 - “If We Only Knew”

Long Black HairI was sitting in the hair salon when I heard a hair stylist tell her client, “ I think shoulder length hair is a healthy length for black women.” I was shocked by her comment, wondering what her remark would have been if her client were white.

If we were to learn how to take care of our hair, then we will learn how to love and appreciate our hair.

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An Impossible Dilemma: Choosing Treatment For A Sick Child (Part II)

An Impossible Dilemma. Mother with sick childPart Two of a two-part study examining the parent-physician relationship regarding treatment in cases of severely and critically ill children 

Part II

There have been few empirical studies conducted that look at disagreements between health care professionals and parents. One article examined the influence health care providers have on parents in these difficult decisions. The article looked at differences in preferences and the following quotation is contained in the author's thesis.

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