A Desire To Change Will Make The Difference


VincentPoliteby Dr.Vincent Polite
The only thing it takes to make a difference is the desire to do so. In this entire Baltimore saga, I think people are losing sight that all these people lives changed based on beliefs they have about each other.

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Question For The President: Who Are The Real Thugs?

thug lifeby Attorney Jerry Girley, Esq.

Dear Mr. President:
I felt inclined to take the extraordinary step of writing to ask that you reconsider the use of the term thug when referring to African American youths. I am not a critic of your administration and I have no intentions of becoming one. I enthusiastically embraced your candidacy from its inception.

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Freddie Grayby Pam Keith
On April 19th Freddy Gray, a 25-year old Black man in Baltimore Maryland, died from an injury he suffered while in police custody that severed 80% of his spinal chord.

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police Brutility

by Rev. Dr. Henry Vernon
This past weekend I was invited to a "Prayer Breakfast" hosted by the City of Kissimmee, the local Sheriff and Police Departments of Kissimmee & St. Cloud and the local NAACP Chapter of which I am the pass president. Consequently, I decided that I would do some research in order to be able to contribute to this effort and hopefully affect the change the is needed on both sides of this issue. The following is just some of the information and facts I was able to uncover prior to my attending, I hope it will help you in your community. I stop short of telling you "Where to get the information and How."

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WFTV Channel 9 Failed To Investigate Commissioner Sam Ings. Why?

wftv 95 SamIngs98X97

by Lawrence A. Robinson
WFTV Channel 9 is known for their investigations of people and organizations and of private and nonprofit corporations. They have even done in-depth investigations on elected officials. Of course the job of a news organization is to hold leaders accountable. The freedom of the press amendment gives them leeway to assure they can do their jobs unfettered.

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Our Black Reality

Black Lives Matterby Earl Small
As a black woman or man we strive every day to expect a victory in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. We, through hundreds of years of adversity and trial claim pain, fear, defeat and humiliation as our right, yet we battle on in a war for racial survival.

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