Death By Cop In America

DeathByCopby The Urban Research Services
Since Ferguson, { Murder of Mike Brown By Murderer Darren Wilson} ; police have killed more than a dozen teenagers, half of them black. Some did nothing more than carry a BB gun.

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Orange County Sheriff's Office Statistics

OCSO Badgeby Mike Greene
Some interesting OCSO facts:

Annual budgets 2011 to 2012 $182,795,055

     --- 2012 to 2013 $192,122,113

     --- 2013 to 2014 $198,203,066.

     The 2013 to 2014 budget goes 100% to operating costs.

Sheriffs salary, approx $160,000 per year.

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana? - One Black Man's Opinion

EddieColeby Eddie Cole
Please allow me a moment to validate why I can write or have an opinion on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana. At the age of 16 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. During those time they didn't have the medical technology that we have now to combat this horrible disease. Doctors gave her a year to live.


DaisyLynum1by Earl Stanley Gardener
Former Orlando commissioner Daisy Lynum is now at the center of a criminal investigation. Lynum who predicted her replacement Regina Hill would face legal challenges has fallen into her own hole. The one she dug.

The criminal complaint accuses Daisy Lynum of steering a city contract to benefit one of her poverty pimps. At stake was a $6 million contract. According to the complaint, one of Lynum's poverty pimps told a cleaning company that he was connected to the commissioner. And if they wanted the city contract, they would have to make him vice president of the company. They made him vice president of the company. Later the complaint says Lynum demanded her poverty pimp be made part owner.

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