DaisyLynum1by Earl Stanley Gardener
Former Orlando commissioner Daisy Lynum is now at the center of a criminal investigation. Lynum who predicted her replacement Regina Hill would face legal challenges has fallen into her own hole. The one she dug.

The criminal complaint accuses Daisy Lynum of steering a city contract to benefit one of her poverty pimps. At stake was a $6 million contract. According to the complaint, one of Lynum's poverty pimps told a cleaning company that he was connected to the commissioner. And if they wanted the city contract, they would have to make him vice president of the company. They made him vice president of the company. Later the complaint says Lynum demanded her poverty pimp be made part owner.

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Tim Adams Has A Few Tough Questions For The Orlando Police and Other Justice Organizations In Orange County

OPD Logoby Tim Adams, Th.D.
We call for a Community - Offered Forum in Police Conduct in Orlando, and Orange County, and with the infamous F D L E and it's often racist behavior in clearing officers who abuse the Constitutionally unlawful refusal to make adequate information available to have officers tried for unlawful conduct when it was obvious that excessive force and racial bias was, and is rampant in Law Enforcement in Florida. -------Equally wrong is the behavior of Drug enforcement and F B I of the U. S. Dept. of Justice.

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Recap For Justice - The FAMU College of Law Justice Forum

jdemings 98 johnmina 98

by Tim Adams, Th.D.
CITIZENS: There were MANY Expressions Provided Last Evening; September Fourth, By Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, at the FAMU College of LAW.

The speakers, especially the ACADEMIC speakers were excellent. The statistical data presented: showing that while sixty nine per cent of the crimes in the United States are committed by white Americans, it is a very well-known statistic that more than half of many state prisons are filled with African Americans.

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John Mina: Wrong Chief for These Changing Times

Dyer Mina Rooneyby Katrina Waters, Ph.D.
This past February, Mayor Buddy Dyer appointed John Mina, 45, as the new chief of police replacing Paul Rooney. Dyer appointed Rooney to the top job just three years ago. Now he has pushed Rooney out for Mina. The official story is that Rooney, who is only 49, is leaving to take a job as head of security for Valencia College. Valencia College! Really?

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What Would Dr. King Say About Police Militarization?

MLK Speechby John Allen, M.A.
Of all the tens of thousands of black police officers in America, you have never seen a news report of a black police officer shooting an unarmed white man, woman, teenager, boy or girl. Why? Because they know white people will not stand for it. Before white people could rise up in arms, his ass would be fired, arrested and charged with murder.

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Orlando Police Department Is Out Of Control

johnminaby Katrina Waters, Ph.D.
With the killing of 22-year-old Maria Fernanda Godinez, it is now clear that the Orlando Police Department is totally out of control. In response to a 911 call from a downtown bar owner, five police officers arrived on the scene, jumped off their bicycles like cowboys on steroids and one of them opened fire on a man who had a pistol tucked in the waistband.

A 911 call recorded the nine shots fired by the officer. It sounded like a machine-gun going off. Didn't know police could use automatic pistols. Six bullets entered the man, one bullet hit another police officer in the leg and one bullet entered the bar and killed little Maria.

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