cantbreatheby Attorney Jerry Girley
A little over a month ago this nation was riveted by the choking death of Eric Garner at the hands of five New York police officers. Striking instances like the brutal death of Eric Garner are a painful reminder that the problem of race and racial oppression has not been fully resolved in America. At this juncture it is doubtful that we ever will get beyond the issue of race. Instead, what we will likely continue to do is react the next time that another black man is shot. I think of these occurrences as spillage from the containment tank of national denial.

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The "Presumption of Correctness" In Ferguson, Mo.

Ferguson, Mo. War Zone after killing, 08/11/14Introduction by Lawrence A. Robinson
On the matter of unrest going on presently in Ferguson, Mo. where police shot dead an unarmed Black youth, Attorney taleph Haynes Davis, Esq. issued a statement. Attorney Davis is from E. St. Louis, Illinois, which is in the general area of the Ferguson community in Missouri. Attorney Davis actually worked the Ferfuson-Florissant Missouri community as a young broadcaster at KMJM-FM "Magic 108" in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Open Letter to State Attorney Jeff Ashton on the "Crack Hoes" Affair

KennethLewisby Attorney Jerry Girley
Please let me know what you think about Orlando Area Prosecutor, Ken Lewis, referring to women as, "crack hoes" and encouraging them to get their tubes tied. I wrote his boss, State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton, a letter to let him know what I think about these troubling comments, My letter to Mr. Ashton is listed below.

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NAACP Sterlingby Attorney taleph Haynes Davis, Esq.
Today in a limited instance (in the sports world) bigotry went on trial and lost. It is interesting that the trial of bigotry happened today in the entertainment capital of the world with that being Los Angeles which still has its "Hollywood" issues cemented in historical bigotry in entertainment, and television, and movies, but that is another discussion on another day. And what happened today should demonstrate to all that bigotry can and will come from the left of the political spectrum and from the right of the political spectrum and as a result, bigotry, can come from anywhere at any time and is never monopolized.

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Vby Pastor Bridget Norvell
Martin Luther King says: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Have you ever heard the term "The Powers That Be?" Living in the Central Florida area this term was used loosely. The terminology is one that describes people who try to control people and situations. It is a group who sit in many different seats from political offices to many more. This is their alter ego.

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