Tim Adams Has A Few Tough Questions For The Orlando Police and Other Justice Organizations In Orange County

OPD Logoby Tim Adams, Th.D.
We call for a Community - Offered Forum in Police Conduct in Orlando, and Orange County, and with the infamous F D L E and it's often racist behavior in clearing officers who abuse the Constitutionally unlawful refusal to make adequate information available to have officers tried for unlawful conduct when it was obvious that excessive force and racial bias was, and is rampant in Law Enforcement in Florida. -------Equally wrong is the behavior of Drug enforcement and F B I of the U. S. Dept. of Justice.


Orlando leaders host open forum with residents, police:
We were Told that there are more than THIRTY " GANGS" operating in Orlando; and more than Sixty in

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Orange County.
With that knowledge in their minds:

1. ) Are these Law Enforcers following policies that ALLOW a Ramping up of " PROFILING " People who are Suspected of Being Members of " GANGS " ?

2. ) How Many Citizens of the City of Orlando, Apopka, Winter Garden, Maitland, Winter Park or Sanford, Osceola County and Seminole County are Aware of these " GANGS " ?

3. ) Law Enforcement Officials state that: POLICE are monitoring Postings and Messages by " GANG " Members on the Internet !
Does that include our Postings about O. P. D. as well ?
Does O P D obtain Court Orders for these TAPS ?

4. ) Should the Neighborhood Citizens have access to SOME of he PUBLIC Information Concerning OUR SAFETY in regards to " GANG" Activities in our Neighborhoods ?

5. ) CAN we, Citizens have Access to where the Activities of " GANGS " are Located in order to AVOID, Move out, Report Activity in our Neighborhoods?

6. ) Can we Citizens of these Localities Stop Mayors and Commissioners from Denigrating our Neighborhoods with Overly aggressive tactics and Statements designed to Lower our Value as People and Our Lands as Safe Descent Places to Live, Work and Play?

7. ) We have Heard Nothing But negative talk from our Law Enforcement and Elected Leaders about African American Neighborhoods, SM


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