Legalizing Medical Marijuana? - One Black Man's Opinion

EddieColeby Eddie Cole
Please allow me a moment to validate why I can write or have an opinion on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana. At the age of 16 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. During those time they didn't have the medical technology that we have now to combat this horrible disease. Doctors gave her a year to live.


Through prayer, strong support from a loving family, faith and community, she baffled their predictions.

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One of her prayers was to see all of her kids graduate from high school. My baby sister was in eighth grade and I was in my sophomore year. So she fought as long as she could. My senior year she was pretty much in and out of the hospital.

During the week of my graduation she discharged herself to see me graduate. Very frail (90 lbs.) she made it. She was readmitted later that week. She hung on another year but lost the battle at a tender age of 41.

I have two sisters who have had their challenges with this same disease however they have the DNA of our mom. A strong believer of prayer and faith. We walk this thing out together to this day.

While I see so many commercials using a stories like mine to touch people emotions, I must say half of those stories come with half-truths. The definition of half-truths? A statement that conveys only part of the truth especially one used deliberately to deceive someone.

Do the system really care? I SAY NO! Do you, the reader have any clue of the money to be made from private investors? In an article in the USA Today it stated "Commercial marijuana sales are estimated at $1.5 billion today which could quadruple by 2018. Hmmm!

Now for those who may not know we all have cancer cells in our body that our harmless unless fed. Some of the foods we eat, pesticides, GMO, processed foods and all additives put in our food, water deodorant is what causes cancer.

Why do you think Whole Food stores our springing up everywhere? Have you read the labels on your eggs, milk or meats from those stores? It states what's not in it. The rest of the American people our getting contaminated with this mess.

We as a family (siblings) have change our diet. I eat super foods now and do my very best to stay away from all fast foods that have processed foods. Do you have a clue of what romaine noodles are made of? Google it! I didn't even touch asbestos and things that we breathe in.

For the love of money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL....ALL!. Let's see who's in line to make money in Florida if this is passed. What we're going to do is create additional problems like robberies, thefts, drug abuse etc. We as a country won't be happy until we create a Tower of Babylon atmosphere here.

We will never outsmart our Heavenly Father with our personal motives. It is truly time for us to get out a comatose mentality and wake up. Google who will truly make more money than people are cured. Let's make organic food available for all people. Remember the money will never be invested in a cure. It will be in selling the medicine. "ColeMind"

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