Upside Down, Right Side Up Miracle

Jill Capri SimmsBy Jill-Capri Simms Excerpt from the new book “I Am” 

We had just completed pre-recording this week’s edition of Liberating Truth Radio. Typically, I send my guests their interview questions about a week in advance. Yes, it might seem “stagey”, but the preparation formula helps me and the interviewee relax and keep on track to meet the broadcast timeframe. After all, 30 minutes will seem like 30 seconds once we get started. 

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collective identityby Attorney Pam Keith     (formally US Senate Candidate)
Often, on the campaign trail I mentioned the fact that I was about eight years old before I finally understood that I was, in fact, an African American person. Up until that point I only understood that i was an American, and that being an American was very special.

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The Man Beside Aramis Ayala

Aramis David Ayalaby Alisia Mary Adamson
While many argue that personal lives (especially of family members) shouldn't matter when it comes to politics, I see why they do...because situations in our lives shape us into who we are.
David Ayala's story is one of reformation, restoration and most importantly, rehabilitation.

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They Sent Me A Message This Morning That Said My Friend May Only Survive Four More Days

JoeFerguson 200by Lawrence A. Robinson
I met Joseph S. Ferguson sixteen years ago when I started working for Sprint. He had been working there for a while already. I noticed his weird sense of fashion before we even met. He was somewhat loud but friendly and will laugh in a minute.


Not only was his style noticeably different from mine, but his philosophy was slightly askew also. It was that skewed life's philosophy that was the basis of our friendship. Practically every conversation with him was a friendly debate.

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Domestic Violence Ain't No Joke

Domestic Abuse - Tiffany Baldwinby Tiffany Baldwin
Domestic violence is becoming worst and worst these days! If you haven't been through it you would never understand! To have a weakness and not love yourself enough to get out is frightening! To think a man loves you after he treats you like scum and disrespect you in front of family and friends is sickening! It happens it happened to me!

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Can You See Through The Clouds of Despair?

CloudsOfDespairby James DeShay
Allow the light to broaden your ability to see beyond what exist right in front of you.
To help you see the world in a fashion that will create an environment of love.

Don't allow the darkness to have a place in your life to a degree that light is unable to shine on those things that bring endearment to humanity.
Focus on the need to impact the world and fill it with possibilities.

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