Black Man Down, Again

MichaelBrown3by James DeShay
I have a degree in mathematics and I have taught
math for nearly thirty years. I completely understand
ratio and portions. I am asking those in white America
to find me a story where a unarmed white man is gunned
down by an African American Officer without cause.

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Me, My Day


by James DeShay
As I embrace my day I come to
realize, each and every day gives
me the opportunity to be a better

I no longer expect every moment to
be an award winner; but each day
can be a step toward my dreams.

Not everyone will see me as I see 
myself; but their description will 
not be the one that will determine 
my future.


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Daralene Jones Examined

DaraleneJones4by Carl Wiggins
The recent news story about Daralene Jones' assault on Commissioner Regina Hill has ignited a community conversation. Daralene Jones has become the story. The question most posed is why did Daralene Jones target Commissioner Regina Hill. What makes her tick?

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The African American Man

JamesDeShay NancyJoby James DeShay
Living in a era where African American men are thought of as underachievers, lazy, and unemployable; I would have worked 30 years for Orange County Public Schools starting next year. Most of that time I also had a second job to keep myself busy and to make a difference in my community. I am saying all this because I want the world to know that I am a proud African American man that loves himself and the role he has played in the world.

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United Foundation Sets Its Sights on Duplicating the Tangelo Park Project

Orlando, Fl-- United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc., (UFCF) is a non-profit public foundation focused on early intervention and education leading to prevention. Ms. Sandra Fatmi, President of the Foundation and the Board of Directors has set its goals to duplicate the Tangelo Park Project for the children in the Pine Hills community. For the past 20 years, the Tangelo Park Initiative, under the leadership of Mr. Harris Rosen has transformed lives and mobilized the community to be self-reliant. It is one of the most successful programs for underserved minority children in the state of Florida.

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Beverly Burgess is Queen Crab in the Bucket

CrabsInBucketby Helen Balls
Willie Lynch ain't got nothing on the crab mentality. Beverly Burgess, queen crab of the crabs in the bucket, has proven that the crab mentality is well and alive. 

Definition: `Crabs in the bucket' is a way of thinking best described by:
"If I can't have it, neither can you."
"If I can't do it, neither can you"
"If I can't see the bigger picture, neither can you"
"If I can't be successful, neither can you"
"If I can't achieve more, neither can you"

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