GloZell:Orlando, Is You Okay? Is You?


GloZell: Orlando, Is You Okay? Is You?

glozellgreenGlozell Green is an Internet celebrity phenomenon and dubbed, "The Queen of YouTube." Glozell has over 1600 video on YouTube. Her videos have be viewed over 300 million times. She has several videos that have gone viral. Her most famous are, " The Cinnamon Challenge and My Push Up Bra." 


Glozell has been featured on many shows including 20/20, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Drew's Lifechangers, ABC News, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Inside Edition, The Soup, Jerry Springer Show and Bill Handel Show. Glozell has also appeared on several international networks to include Japan, Canada, Great Britain and Africa.


GloZell is a big hit with young people because of her music lyric translation, spoofs and helpful advice. She is most popular in the United States, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

GloZell has performed standup comedy at The World Famous Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Show Time at the Apollo, Shaquille O'Neal's All-Star Comedy Jam and on the college circuit. GloZell also has several film, TV and web show credits. glozellheadshotcalypsoGlo

GloZell was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and is a graduate from the University of Florida with a BFA in Musical Theater. GloZell is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (SAG-AFTRA).

GloZell is also a trained vocalist and pianist, GloZell excels at improvisation (improv) and Mistress of Ceremonies/Hosting.

GloZell is the first African-American female entertainer to sign a lucrative deal with Maker Studios, one of the top YouTube networks. GloZell has also collaborated with multimedia company, Code Black Entertainment. Glozell8AtTeachIn

GloZell uses her life experiences and connections to help undiscovered talent succeed on YouTube and the entertainment industry.

GloZell is in her hometown to meet and greet her fans in Orlando. She is featured in the April edition of Ebony Magazine and will sign anyone's magazine who is present for this event.

Obviously, GloZell is well known and loved all over the YouTube universe and she wants to spread some love in her hometown. Here are a few pieces of information about GloZell that her fans probably didn't know.

GloZell started out at a very early age.

GloZell was born in Orlando, Florida, Her mother, Gloria Robinson Green, now retired, was a school teacher for Orange County Public Schools. Gloria R. Green taught piano music to children after school in her home studio. carnacbabyglo

GloZell's dad, Dr. Ozell Green, now deceased, was a very well liked pharmacist who owned a corner store pharmacy.

GloZell's and her younger sister DeOnzell's names was derived of their dad's name. Most of their pets, dogs, cats, birds and whatever, had names that ended or begins with 'Zell.' withJJackson

GloZell started playing the piano even before she could walk. Her first composition she called, "ABC Rock." The tune was pretty catchy for a four year old. It had a great beat and you could dance to it.

When GloZell and DeOnzell were young, they really, really loved Michael Jackson. Their mom hired a MJ look-a-like to entertain them at a birthday party.

Did you know that GloZell could calypso? daddyozelldeonzellheadshot

Family Pictures...oooh Baby Pics....aaah.

Looking all grand at the piano.

Looking like a queen that you are.

GloZell and Jesse Jackson

For years, GloZell would write motivational poetry for elementary kids then helped them to perform that poetry. glozelldeenotmjcalypsoGlo1

Putting on my top hat with sister Dee.

Glozell was well known and loved in Saudi Arabia long before she was well known on YouTube.

She and her sister both have sung in Carnegie Hall and the great concert halls all over Europe.

GloZell's sister, DeOnzell, performs in Off Broadway Shows. She also does a one woman show traveling across the Eastern United States.

When the sisters were young and were in plays, sometime their dad would go up on stage with them.

Their mother, Gloria, seldom performed with them when they were young. Now, you can't keep her off camera. CorrineGlozellfamilypic

For more than thirty years, momma Gloria handled the children's choir at their church. She would give all the children opportunity to perform in front of a the congregation. Many of those kids are grown now and have their own church choirs.

Many of those children went to college on music scholarships and grants and they give Mrs. Green the credit for their success.

Glozell and DeOnzell auditioned for scholarships for college. One audition turned into a mini concert with several music professors looking on an enjoying the singing and piano playing as the sisters performed. glodaddee

Glozell once wrote, CO-produced and acted in a pilot for a comedy series. She did several episodes before moving to expand her creativity. Those videos were very funny, especially the one that I was in. This was long before the fame of YouTube.

So there you have some of the lesser known facts about GloZell and family. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the information. Oh, GloZell's trade mark greeting, 'Is You Okay? Is You? Cause I wanted to know," has been put on tee shirts and mugs all over the world.

So, leave a comment of your own and maybe our next magazine will be about you.


You can see GloZell Cinnamon Challenge Here and watch her 1600 other videos. They will have you laughing for weeks. glozellstormatuniversalQueen GloZell will be in Orlando, Fl. for a magazine signing event on Sunday, April 16, 2013. Click here, for more information on that upcoming event. Mother Green will be there and you can get GloZell to sign you Ebony Magazine, April 2013 edition. Hope to see you there and let's have fun.









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