The Orange County NAACP Dog and Pony Show

NAACPI didn't go to the 'Dog and Pony' show held last night that was scheduled by the Orange County NAACP. I was in another meeting that I could not leave. My meeting lasted for a couple of hours beyond the scheduled ending time. We have an agenda in place that makes sure certain things were accomplished at this meeting. By reaching those objectives, we can then move on to the next goal. There are consequences for failing to meet deadlines. Of course, there are benefits and rewards for success. My group accomplished our goal for last night's meeting. Now we move on to our next step.

If there is no plan to move forward, how can you move forward? If there is no target, what are you shooting for? If you don't know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?

When I read the announcement for the meeting from the NAACP, I understood that there was no planned agenda. There was no panel to discuss anything. The idea was to listen to the public who wanted to voice concerns. According to the announcement, the only reason the meeting was scheduled was because they had promised another meeting. There was no agenda for the meeting or plan of action after the meeting.

Kran Riley, the current president of the local chapter along with the entire Orange County NAACP leadership team have proven once again how inept they are. They have proven once again that they don't care about the citizens of Orange County. They have proven yet again that their job is to pretend to support the community while actually doing nothing.

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The Orange County NAACP ask the residents of Parramore to come out and be heard. The residents of Parramore spoke last night and the Orange County NAACP decided to do nothing. They decided not to take a formal position on the issue which they asked everyone to speak on. They decided to waste everyones time. This non-action isn't surprising because they haven't taken a positive position on anything in the last six years.

The Orange County NAACP knows that taking no position, gives consent. So by not taking a fomal position, they are smacking the residents of Parramore in the face. They are telling the city and county to go ahead and screw the Parramore residents because we don't care.

The Orange County NAACP has no plan of action for the future of Orange County. Maybe it is time for the residents of Orange County to set an agenda for them.

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