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This holiday season, don’t be a Scrooge. It’s a Season for Change! A change of heart, a change of attitude, and a change of mind.

“Well, even though my cast and crew will be bringing Scrooge to your hood this holiday season, it's for a good reason; We will be trying to convince Scrooge to change his mean ole ways”.

Scrooge’ (Scro-je’) was created by Loretta White and her daughter, Kimberly Boyd in 2010 as a joke. But that joke turned into a real production a year later.

Loretta became homeless and torn away from her children, relocating to Cocoa and residing in a homeless veteran transitional housing program; this gave her plenty of time to sit and ponder on perfecting her craft as a playwright. “As I sat alone, thinking and crying and not knowing where to turn, it seemed as though no one wanted to help me with permanent housing for me and my children, seed money for my business vision or even resources, so I decided to write.”PlayShotCast

Loretta contacted radio stations, television talk shows, newspapers, local news, churches and every person she felt could help, no one was touched or moved by her story. So, as she lived her life as a homeless veteran with children that were trying to complete high school, she felt hopeless. She began begging Government officials throughout the State of Florida as well as Washington, D.C. for some form of help because she had served this Country and felt she was treated unfairly. Nothing seemed to get through to anyone. No Results!

A few years later, 3 people came in from her past to now make her present, a success! Mr. Clyde Baker who has now invested in her dream and vision to bring her Stage Play productions to life. Pastor Daniel Sims has offered a location for her to host her events, practice, and team up to reopen his center. Pastor Sims also utilized his ministry to assist her family while she was homeless. Last, there is Reverend Paul Francis, he has been providing for the Seminole county residents for over 6 years and he was one that made sure that families eat, and have resources that they need. He supports and has supported Loretta’s dream of mentoring youth.

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Now as these four individuals come together, they have a plan and will be providing services to three counties, Orange, Seminole and Brevard. Pastor Daniel Sims and his family started providing services alone but because of health reasons can no longer do it alone. They have taken on the task of rebuilding and remodeling the facility so they can safely provide services.

While Loretta states that she became homeless due to helping and providing services to the community without assistance, the same for Daniel Sims. The building is in trouble so they are trying to save it from the risk of being lost. “We refuse to let that happen”, says the youth and young adults that work closely and are a part of the Performing Arts program that Loretta leads. “We are working towards, Saving Our Center!” This center will provide services to Homeless Veterans, College students, young adults that may be single parents, young children, mentoring programs and senior activities. So in other words, services will be provided to everyone needing resources or help.

“So how do we plan to do this? We are for change! We want to get the attention of our people everywhere”. We will let Playwright Loretta White use her skills as a Playwright and Producer, work her magic. It’s Show Time!

Scrooge Is N Da Hood is similar to “A Christmas Carol with Scrooge”. This production will also have 3 ghost that will visit Clyde aka Scrooge and take him to his past, present and future to see if he has a change of heart of course you will have to see it. What we want to do is show our communities what usually happens when we know we can help others and don’t. And of course so much more.

A percentage of the proceeds will be distributed to various causes. Why so many? “Because WE are NOT Scrooge, we believe in Miracles! This is something we will need to believe in to pull this off. As I sat for the past 3 days watching the Hallmark channel, I’ve seen more people having a change of heart, giving to help others and miracles that truly made me cry, Loretta states.

One of the causes will be to the Trayvon Martin Foundation because we want our youth to know that as adults, they can depend on us to be great community leaders and protect them from harm. This leads us into our Introduction of “Why Did I have to die”, another Stage Play production that will be introduced after the main show; this was inspired by the Trayvon Martin murder. This production will show how four teenage boys are murdered and come back as a new spirit to change the communities. It’s similar to touched by an Angel. Special guest will be at the event also to briefly share their stories and how they have made changes because of it.

It’s Time for a Change and it starts with YOU!

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