Sigma Alpha Epsilon Turned Their Hatred For Blacks Into A Happy Jingle

SigmaAlphaEpsilonby James DeShay
As horrific as that chant might sound, it is the heart felt belief of a large segment of White Americans. Just because it is 2015 and we have elected an African American twice, does not change the attitude of those in White America that hate African Americans. It is the same individual who doesn't feel an empathy for the families and friends that lost a family member to police violence.

There are people across our country that embrace the chant and wish it didn't have to be sung behind

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closed doors. These White Americans are employed across the country and wake up every morning secretly chanting the same type song in different ways. They are making decisions that adversely affect African Americans daily. These men and women work in our court systems, schools, universities, law enforcement agencies and in congress. They are everywhere, angry about the progress African Americans have made and cheer when unarmed black men are killed across the country.

They are silent; but speak loudly with their pen and paper as they destroy the lives of minorities throughout the United States of America. They live to make the lives of African Americans a living hell. They work in companies that allow them to run free, without any punishment as they create a hostile work environment for us. They use the word nigger as a punch line to jokes as they say them loud enough for their black coworkers to hear. They say them in meeting, where the only color in the meeting is white. This behavior is not just at one university that had the misfortune of having its students say it on tape.

This behavior is in every small and large organization across the country. What makes it worst is there are African Americans in power that refuse to bring it to the light because their individual careers are more important than one poorly treated black man. The problem is not just one black person who was mistreated, it is all black men and black woman across the United States. The employee that deserves a raise or a promotion; but is over looked. The African American, whose application is throw in the trash after he leaves the room. Please stop fooling yourselves, as much has changed a lot still remains the same.

It is very hard to determine the percentage of whites that out right hate black people but there are enough and they are in positions high enough to keep this country from being great. The United States of America will never be color blind; despite the number of good white Americans there might be. The reason is there are to many haters in the mix. Every time we think we might be moving forward one of those haters is going to make the news. The distrust will be reopened and the reality of life will become apparent. White America will continue to smile in my face and hate my guts.

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