Don't Retire, Rebrand Yourself Instead

Branding Rebrandingby James T. DeShay
Retirement is normally seen as an opportunity to hang up one's shoes and start smell the roses. The truth is retirement is the opportunity for an individuals to recreate themselves. They no longer have to worry about the basics because they have laid the foundation for creating a second career. Now it is time to search one's soul and focus on what will create the most happiness in one's life.

The jewel of retirement is time. It must be treated as the most value item that one has in their life

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after retiring. It is very important to be patient and not commit yourself to things that will absorb your must value asset. Research the subject of your greatest interest and be prepared to give your all to it. Recognize that money is not all you are seeking out of your second career. It is the opportunity to create a meaningful second phase to one's existence.

The second phase of life is where you use the knowledge learned in your first career. You tweak your goals and dreams in a way that allows you to avoid pitfalls. Understanding you don't have the time to recover from any major mistakes. Don't soak any of your retirement money into risk venture. Start out small and focus on the steps needed to make you successful.

Make sure you have short term goals so that you can evaluate your progress. Don't allow yourself to be bogged down in things that don't keep your spirits high. During your learning curve of your new career you should be enjoying the journey. Also involve yourself in personal goals as well, related to your health, family, and hobbies. Don't allow your second career to keep you from the things you always looked forward to doing during your first career. You have paid the price to be in charge of your second phase of life.

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