Analyzing The Democratic National Committee Debate, Take 2

democratic debateby Attorney Camara Williams
With the tragedy in Paris, France happening only 24 hours prior to the previously scheduled debate, you had to assume that CBS would pivot its questioning to address the hot topic on everyone's mind, 'terrorism, the rise of ISIS, and the protection of Americans.'

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What The Heck Does 'It's OK to be Black in Orlando' Mean Anyway?

ItOkaytobeBlack PaulPaulson 100 88

by Lawrence A. Robinson
You have probably seen them or heard about those embarrassing signs popping up in the Black neighborhoods of Orlando with the statement, 'It's OK to be Black in Orlando'(sm) and vote for Paul Paulson for Mayor. Some Black people are embarrassed by the signs and say that they don't need to be told 'it's okay to be Black.' They want to know who the hell Paul Paulson think he is, telling people 'it's okay to be Black?'

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Introducing Nathan Chambers

NathanChambers head1October 25, 2015
Nathan Chambers, a 25-year resident of District 6, is one of 5 candidates seeking the position of City Commissioner for District 6. Chambers has been a dedicated and successful small business owner and real estate agent for over thirty years.

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Kajuel Head 200By Ka'Juel J. Washington, Esquire - Candidate for City Commissioner, District 6
There once was a fox that came to a stream. As it was about to swim across, along came a scorpion. Because the scorpion couldn't swim, he asked the fox for a ride across the water. The fox knew the scorpion was dangerous and was very afraid. He said to the scorpion, "I will not give you a ride because if I do, you will sting me." The scorpion responded, "Why would I sting you?

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