Who Is This Donald Trump Anyway?

DonaldTrump menaceby James DeShay
Eight years ago, the United State of America created a feeling of pride in my spirit after electing Barack Obama as president of the United States Of America. I truly believed at that moment we had turned the corner on racism and bigotry; but now as we start the 2016 presidential election I see our country going backward.

District Six's Silent Sam Ings Say's Little But Spends A Lot

SamIngs2by Carl Early
Growing up in Chicago, I've seen local politicians get things done for their Ward. An effective community representative in political office can do wonders to really "Bring home the bacon".

I've been in Orlando for 20 years now and during that time I've heard Commissioner Sam Ings say very little of note in the years since he was elected to the Orlando District 6 seat and he has done less. Just look around and see for yourself and tell me what you see and where is the progress?

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Redistricting. Geraldine? Val? What About Derrick Wallace?

DerrickWallaceby Lawrence A. Robinson
Interesting scenarios taking shape with this redistricting thingy.

Senator Geraldine Thompson leaving the safety of her Florida Senate seat to run for a new position with larger borders. The Orlando Sentinel explains that Thompson, 66, of Windermere, served for six years in the state House of Representatives before being elected to the Florida Senate in 2012.

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Why Does Jibreel Ali Want To Crush Commissioner Regina Hill?

JibreelAli2Intro by staff
Jibreel Ali has been a thorn in the side of Commissioner Regina Hill, claiming that she is not good for the community even while she is standing beside him in photo-ops and helping him with his Homeowner Association and other community projects. Talk about a stabbing someone in the back while looking them in the eye.

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