A Bittersweet Future For Cuba

Cuba map flagBy Attorney Pam Keith Esq. (Attorney Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
A word to my Cuban American friends. Yesterday, President Obama landed in Havana, further advancing the normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. For those who have lasting scars from the horrors perpetrated by Fidel Castro and his cronies, I extend my sympathies.

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Donald Trump, The Emoticon 'Hate' Dispenser

donald trump angryby Earl L. Small
Let's chat shall we...
For the past few months I've watched the rise of an megalomaniac. "Donald Trump", The man has lied, used deception and now has dipped his corrupted hand into the most explosive domain of them all...the raw emotions of hate & human anger.

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Donald Trump Is No Angel, But...

PamKeith 100 Donald Trump 100X81

By Pam Keith Esq. (Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
Donald Trump is utterly unqualified and unfit to be President. Of this, there is no doubt. But this movement, or should I say, conspiracy, to deny him the GOP nomination sickens me. Every single GOP Presidential candidate is fundamentally flawed, and it just so happens that this year, people prefer the Donald's flavor of strange over Cruz Coockoo or Rubio Rabid.

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The Crap Trump Does

DonaldTrump menaceBy Earl L. Small
The CRAP TRUMP DOES.....(stupid is as stupid does)
Donald Trump is asking law enforcement officers to arrest protesters at his rally in Kansas City, Missouri. He argues that fear of an "arrest mark" on people's records may put an end to the near-constant disruptions at his rallies. He says he's "going to start pressing charges against all these people." This, a day after he called off a planned Chicago event because it attracted so many protesters.

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Will Marco Rubio's Doom and Gloom Campaign' Save The Republican Party?

marco rubioby James DeShay
Marco Rubio is the heir apparent of the Republican Party after coming in third in Iowa. He stated that "America would be greater than it has ever been or it would be a great nation in decline" if Hillary Clinton win the election to be president. At what point do we start to call the GOP on the carpet for trying to sell us doom and gloom if we were to turn away from their vision of America? How could it ever be possible for America to fall to oblivion?

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