The Iran Deal: The Backside Of What You Need To Know

Obama Biden IranDealby Pam Keith
It's done. We have a document, a deal with Iran to scrutinize. Already, there are those who insist that we could have gotten a better deal. They, of course, were not involved in the marathon negotiations and have no gauge on what Iran was or was not willing to do.

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Former Candidate For Orange County Commissioner Is FURIOUS At WFTV Channel 9

wftv 95 RobertaWalton100X109

by Roberta Riggins Walton
I am FURIOUS right now. After watching Channel 9's latest character attack against me, I feel provoked to speak out about the sheer misrepresentation of facts and malicious attempt to discredit my accomplishments for the sake of one reporter's desperate vendetta against the clerk's office.

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PamKeith darkBy Veronica Wade
It's official. The Florida U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs as Marco Rubio has made his intentions to run for President clear. To date, there are but two people who have filed to run for the vacancy on the Democratic side: Patrick Murphy, Congressman from Florida's 18th District, and newcomer Pam Keith.

Florida's Legislative Black Caucus to Black Folk : "Hey, We Tried"

GeraldineThompson100 BruceAntone100

by Lawrence A. Robinson
Here is a status update that Jasmine Burney made concerning Sen. Geraldine Thompson's press release article in the 'SaintPetersBlog':
"When members of Florida's black caucus met with Gov. Scott about diversity in his cabinet "He indicated (then) that he would only appoint people who thought like him. Apparently, that mindset also applies to approving appropriations for communities where people by and large do not think like him."- Sen. Geraldine Thompson. We still have 3 and half more yrs with this man"

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Why African Americans In Florida Should Never Vote For Patrick Murphy


by Leslie Wimes
Or any other Republican-lites the Florida Democratic Party tries to shove down our throats.

Nothing sums up the reason we should never vote for this man better than a comment I found on the liberal blog, The Florida Squeeze.

…this angry black woman candidate cannot win moderate white votes. It is just a reality of our great state of Florida.

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