Is Slavery Over When Some Black Leaders Are Still For Sale?

LeslieWimesby Leslie Wimes
That's the question I keep asking myself every election cycle, when I see what Patrick Murphy and others like him, do. When I say others like him, I mean those who know nothing about the Black community, don't care to know anything about the Black community, and feel the way to secure the votes of the Black community is by buying them.

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Orlando Mayoral Candidate Paul Paulson Said, 'Black Lives Matter?' Really?

PaulPaulson headby Lawrence A. Robinson
We all know that politics can get ugly sometimes. Politicians will often say things that they don't really mean or they make promises that they know they can't keep. Sometimes they get elected into office with good intentions only to find out that they can't do for their constituents what they thought that they could, so they end up doing nothing.

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Do 'BlackLivesMatter' To The Orlando Mayoral Candidates? HELL NO!!

NatalieJackson1by Attorney Natalie Jackson
staff note: Attorney Natalie Jackson viewed a analyzed the Orlando Sentinel editorial staff questioning the Orlando Mayoral candidates. She was particularly interested in the candidates interest in Black issues focusing on police interaction with Black people. Attorney Jackson was not happy as shown by her 'cliff notes', and further FaceBook comments.

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Does The Florida Democratic Party Have a Problem With a Black Person in a Position of Power?

FloridaDemsby Leslie Wimes
Well, Well, Well…….
It seems as though the whole Arceneaux/Walker deal was supposed to REALLY be on the low-low. So much so that now the FDP powers that be, read Allison Tant, is trying to pull back. Or so says my 100% reliable source. Having people make calls to deny that it was ever in the works is hilarious to me. If you people believe that it wasn't going down exactly like I said, you are more gullible than you were when you didn't believe that Christian Ulvert had been fired.

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