Is Mayor Buddy Dyer abusing Black people with his double whammy of labor and housing exploitation?

Dyer checkerdMayor Dyer's campaign promise to Black people and therefore, the community is to solve the housing issue. He recently announced a $15/hour wage increase for city workers. Wages increase over years and will surely be inadequate by the time it arrives.

Here are some excerpts from a study title, 'How Poor Americans are Exploited by Their Landlords.' The link to that study is at the end of this piece.

Ultimately, they find consistent evidence that the poor, and especially the minority poor, experience the highest rates of housing exploitation. In their most basic formulations, they find that renters in high-poverty neighborhoods experience levels of exploitation that are more than double those of renters in neighborhoods with lower levels of poverty.

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Is Mayor Buddy Dyer a Proxy Liar?

    BuddyDyer glasses I attended a meeting Wednesday (9-11-19), at the Orange County Commission Chambers. A talk was given in relations to the ‘Affordable Housing for All’ by, Dr. Tiffany Manuel Author of Building Justice: How to Talk about Racial Equity in a Way That Gets it Done. She addressed the perception of affordable housing. Dr. Manuel is an expert on building inclusive communities. Dr. Manuel gave a tremendous talk and when she was done, we were given the opportunity to ask questions. She fumbled the answers.

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Jeffrey Epstein is still dead: Donald Trump is still a racist buffoon: Buddy Dyer Uses Staff to defend failed housing plan

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     I attended a town hall meeting last week to specifically ask one question: ‘Is there a plan to address the low income issue that is driving the affordable housing crisis in Central Florida?’
     Jessica Frye, AICP, Planner III, who gave a phenomenal presentation about housing, responded to the question by repeating it, explaining why it is a near impossible situation, and then finally saying, “No, there is no plan.”
     State Representative Anna V. Eskamani immediately spoke up and said that she had a plan, effectively hushing Jessica Frye and keeping her from explaining why there is no plan. I said nothing else during that meeting.

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Mayor Dyer continues to promote failure

Dyer dockersIn an social media comment, Commissioner Regina Hill Discusses the lack of affordable housing and what is being done. Here are my comments on Commissioner Hill and the article. A link to that article appears at the end of this piece.

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