Orlando Council Member Daisy Lynum is Ringmaster for Local NAACP Circus

Orlando City Hall storyDuring the Orlando City Council meeting, held on October 21, 2013, Council Member Daisy Lynum made comments that dealt with the town hall meeting scheduled for that evening.

Commissioner Daisy Lynum was obviously distressed about the Orange County NAACP special scheduling of a town hall meeting to possibly discuss the proposed soccer stadium that is to be built in the Parramore area.

The soccer stadium which had been approved by the Orlando City Council, but awaits approval by the Orange County Commissioners. The facility will be built in the Parramore area displacing thousands of people. The residents came together to protest the construction of the soccer stadium. The meeting was scheduled by the Orange County NAACP. Ms. Lynum didn't like that idea.

Commissioner Daisy Lynum used her power and authority as aDaisyLynum City Council member to put the President of Local NAACP, Kran Riley in his place. She should have put on a top hat and a colorful split tailed coat because she became the ringmaster of the event that she would not even attend. She wanted everyone to know that she is a lifetime NAACP member and even though Kran Riley is president, she, Daisy Lynum actually controls this chapter.

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Ringmaster Daisy went on a two minute rant about Larry Colleton, who is an attorney and an officer in good standing of the Orange County NAACP. She was upset because she thinks that he also manages one of her competitors for the seat on the city council. Ms Daisy also mentioned some other things just to blow smoke and blur out the real issues. Her comments at the city council meeting was a shell game that she was able to pull off while everyone was looking.

KranRiley1Ms. Daisy calls Orange County NAACP President, Kran Riley and tells him to jump through the fiery hoop. He stumbles but does the best that he can. He is not ready for the big tent performances like Daisy is. He just isn't crafty enough. Kran Riley has been a failure since he has been president of the Orange County NAACP chapter.

He didn't have a chance to practice his moon walk. If he had the opportunity, he never would have admitted that he didn't have an agenda for the town hall meeting which he scheduled. Yeah, he actually admitted to scheduling a meeting, asking hardworking home owners to come out after work and he did not even have an agenda for that meeting. What kind of leader does this? How is he still president?

Of course, maybe there was an agenda but after Madame Daisy called him on the carpet, he has to change his tune. Better to waste the time of hundreds of people than to have Daisy Lynum upset with him.

He claims this is only a meeting that the national office (NAACP) asked the local chapters to have and there is nothing expected from it. It is just something to do in order to look like they are doing something. I really don't want to believe that the national office told him that. If they did, why would he even say it?

Sometimes it is better to be quiet and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.

Lion trainer Lynum assigns Walter Hawkins to attend the meeting in order to make sure nothing comes out of it. I guess she doesn't want Kran to screw up the screw up. Daisy could not remember Hawkins title. Mayor Buddy Dyer said that Hawkins title is 'King of Parramore.' Dyer and Lynum have a great laugh at Walter Hawkins expense. Maybe he doesn't even know that the city mayor an council calls him, 'The King of Parramore.' The residents of Parramore probably got a different name for him.

Kran Riley, President of Orange County NAACP and Walter Hawkins, King of Parramore, was assigned a new purpose and a new direction for at the town hall meeting. Their agenda was to make sure that nothing was accomplished. They could listen, but do nothing. They were to make sure that no other action from the residents of Parramore was to be had. Your City Council member Daisy Lynum made sure of that.

Kran Riley, President of Orange County NAACP announced that the NAACP have no formal position on the soccer stadium matter. They were successful in keeping the Parramore residents at bay and making sure nothing was accomplished as Council member Daisy Lynum commanded of them.

Obviously, Daisy Lynum is not working in the good faith of her constituents. Kran Riley and the Orange County NAACP is only good for dinner once a year. Walter Hawkins is not the King of Parramore, he is the Court Jester.

Here is the audio of Daisy Lynum's comments: 

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