Randy Ross for Orlando City Council District 6, No Wait...District 4

RandyRoss Face1 200We all know that it is nearly impossible for a city commissioner to accomplish anything in their own district without the help of other commissioners. All city commissioners vote for projects and budgets for every district, not just their own.

Sam Ings spends lots of city money, but surprisingly little for the residents of District 6. He has

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supported projects in other Districts for other commissioners, but has failed in gaining their support for his district.

So it is strange to me that in District 4, which includes some of the Downtown Orlando area, the residents big concern is 'brick paved streets,' whereas the residents in District 6 are concerned with a lack of livable wages, lack of job opportunities, a poor educational system, an unfair justice system and massive housing issues.

Maybe the residents of District 4 talk to their commissioner and the residents in District 6 doesn't have a commissioner that will listen.

Randy Ross who is running for the District 4 City Commissioner seat, has worked hard for the residents of all areas of Orlando including District 6. He understands that if elected he will vote on matters of concern in all areas of the city and therefore the residents of District 6 are his constituents as much as they are Sam Ings.

Randy Ross has worked with advocacy groups to support locally owned small businesses in District 6 and as Commissioner, he promise to continue that support.

Candidate Ross understands that when locally owned businesses grow, so does the community. He knows that good community schools are a blessing to the residents and they help improve property values.

As Commissioner for District 4, Randy Ross will open the door for residents of District 6 to call upon his office if they have a need. Residents of District 6 feel that Sam Ings has ignored them for 8 long years. Randy Ross will work with organizations to improve the lives of the residents of District 6.

These are just a few of many reasons that CommunitySteeple endorses Randy Ross for Orlando City Commissioner of District 4. Please consider supporting Mr. Ross as your candidate for City Council District 4 because he is willing to step up and support you.

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