Orlando Mayoral Candidate Paul Paulson Said, 'Black Lives Matter?' Really?

PaulPaulson headby Lawrence A. Robinson
We all know that politics can get ugly sometimes. Politicians will often say things that they don't really mean or they make promises that they know they can't keep. Sometimes they get elected into office with good intentions only to find out that they can't do for their constituents what they thought that they could, so they end up doing nothing.

Maybe this is why Sam Ings's District 6 is in such pitiful shape. Sam Ings is running for reelection after completely failing District 6 residents for over 10 years. Mr. Ings has fail at providing leadership, failed at bringing good paying jobs to the area, failed at supporting parents of school age kids, failed at supporting transportation issues for his constituents. He has just failed his community, even while spending more tax payer money than any other city commissioner.

He is a failure in the highest form because he just doesn't care anymore but wants to maintain his

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position in city hall. He sits in his cubicle and supports other commissioner's projects and ignores the needs of his own residents.

SamIngsSam Ings is a former Orlando Police Officer who seems to side with his Orlando Police Department friends and supports their brutality and their disrespect against Black residents. The mayor and the city commissioners stood silently and seem to encourage the OC-NAACP, the African American Council of Christian Clergy (AACCC) and other nonprofit minority agencies to lie to the residents in order to avoid a 'Ferguson' situation here in Orlando.

Sam Ings lacks vision and doesn't deserve another chance to fail the community again.

What if Sam Ings retain his seat? Who will the residents turn to for support since Sam Ings doesn't care about them?

Think about this. Candidate Randy Ross is running for City Commissioner of District 4. His campaign platform list the most important issue facing the residents of that District is; 'Brick/paved streets, drainage & clear water ways.'

WHAT!! The residents across the tracks in district 6 don't have jobs that pay a livable wage, there is a lack of adequate housing and they are even denied bathroom privileges at the park. A few blocks down the street in District 4, their biggest worry is a lack of brick streets.

Is there something wrong here? The good news is that Candidate Randy Ross who is running for commissioner of District 4 recognizes the disparity of resource allocation between District 6 and other City Districts. Randy is willing to help out especially in District 6 since it has been neglected for so long.

If Randy Ross wins his bid to be the new Commissioner for District 4, he will support all city districts and every constituent. Mr. Ross has said that, 'No matter what your elected District... you represent all the citizens of Orlando. It's time that all voices unite! Together...we WILL make a difference.'

If we can rally commissioners from other districts to support D6, then that is what we should do. We are all in this together.

Over the last 16 years, Mayor Buddy Dyer has done nothing for the Black community. He has aggressively manage to hurt Black neighborhoods.

It is said that Mayor Dyer has used the code enforcement agency to target Black residents and Black businesses and levied unfair fines against those residents. This cause many homeowners insurmountable expenses and some walked away from their homes and the city recovered those properties for its own use.

Buddy Dyer has used the eminent domain rule to take property and close businesses in the Black areas to take property in order to build his own playground for his friends.

Mayor Dyer is not a friend of the Black businessman. The FAMU/BCC Football Classic is the largest Black centered sports event in the country with Black vendors traveling hundreds of miles to participate. For many years, Black vendors surround the Citrus Bowl where a street party ensued for hours after the game an into the next day. Thousands of people travel to the event just to 'tailgate' with alumni and friends. These people spend millions of dollars in our community.

It would have been a good idea to expand the Classic weekend and encourage more vendors to participate, but the Mayor had a different scheme. Buddy Dyer limited the hours that vendors could be open during the Classic weekend. Dyer even tried to force vendors to use special lighting. He caused major havoc with the Classic weekend until residents stepped in to stop his negative activities.

Twice during Buddy Dyer's moments of irrational behavior, he put up a fence down the middle of Orange Ave. Once to make sure that Black businesses could not profit from the NBA All Star game in 2012. That ploy was so successful against Black businesses that he did it again during a concert at the Citrus Bowl, specifically denying Black businesses the same opportunities as other businesses that were open during the event.

Mayor Buddy Dyer does not care about Black people.

There is a need for new leadership in Orlando. Someone with vision. Someone who is willing to work with each of the city commissioners and willing to address the concerns of all the constituents. Buddy Dyer has failed to support District 5 and District 6. Black Lives Matter, but not to Buddy.

Candidate for Orlando Mayor, Paul Paulson said, 'Black Lives Matter.' He said that police brutality against Black people in Orlando is real. If elected Mayor, Mr. Paulson will create an independent citizen review committee to review police actions. This group will have real power to make a difference with authority beyond just making a suggestion.

Buddy Dyer supported bringing Walmart and other 'big box' retail stores to the Black community to create low paying jobs while diverting high salary paying companies to other areas.

Paul Paulson will support the Black economy by using community advocate leaders to encourage consumers to support existing locally owned Black businesses. He will cut the red tape that hinders Black businesses from growing and expanding thereby economically strengthening the entire community.

This program will also decrease unemployment among Black youth and increase the overall household income in the community.

Paul Paulson recognizes that Central Florida is a culturally rich community with many different ethnic groups. Under Buddy Dyer's leadership, Black culture has not been nurtured as other cultures have. Paul Paulson will reverse that trend and promote Black education, entertainment,  cultural activities and of course Black business.

According to the 2010 Census report, there are about 12,000 Black owned businesses in Orange County. As Mayor of Orlando, Paul Paulson will work with Citizen Advocate Groups, to help encourage the Black residents to support these Black businesses. Local Black businesses will grow and become more economically stable and so will the Black community. As these small local businesses grow, they will hire from the neighborhood. That will lessen the unemployment problem, which will also reduce the crime problem.

Mr. Paulson promise to remove the red tape that makes it hard for Black entrepreneurs to get started and grow.

Obviously Paul Paulson understands that growing Orlando's Black businesses will increase the city's tax revenue that will lower the need for Buddy's 17% tax increase.

Buddy Dyer has failed the Black community and I can't vote for him.

On the other hand, it is worth getting off the couch and going to the polls to vote for Paul Paulson. BlackLivesMatter. BlackCultureMatter.

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