Is Slavery Over When Some Black Leaders Are Still For Sale?

LeslieWimesby Leslie Wimes
That's the question I keep asking myself every election cycle, when I see what Patrick Murphy and others like him, do. When I say others like him, I mean those who know nothing about the Black community, don't care to know anything about the Black community, and feel the way to secure the votes of the Black community is by buying them.


And that is exactly what Patrick Murphy has begun to do.

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We throw around the phrase "stay woke", and yet people slept through the fact that Patrick Murphy, via his wealthy REPUBLICAN parents, threw a ton of money at two of our community's leaders, Alcee Hastings and Frederica Wilson, around the exact timeframe that they threw endorsements at Patrick Murphy.

Now, it is very possible that these REPUBLICAN parents of Murphy's are just fans of Hastings and Wilson, so I looked at the Federal Finance reports myself, which are public record. Thanks Tezlyn Figaro!!

The Murphy's have NEVER contributed to either Hastings or Wilson ever before, and something tells me they will never contribute EVER again.

The 10,800 dollars given to Hastings by the Murphy's made up 20% of his total contributions for this election cycle and the 10,800 dollars given to Wilson by the Murphy's made up 40% of her total contributions for this election cycle.

If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, acts like a duck, guess what folks? It's a damn duck!

$21,600 for the endorsements of two leaders in the South Florida Black community is what that looks like to me.

All of the endorsements that Patrick Murphy has thrown around from Black elected officials now have to be looked at with a serious side eye.

I want to know what have these people received in exchange for said endorsements.

We know what Hastings and Wilson got.

Patrick Murphy has been bragging about all the money he has raised, well I would imagine he is going to need it, since he isn't attached to the Black Community in any meaningful way.

Has Patrick Murphy ever articulated a vision for uplifting the Black community or proposed any legislation for improving the lives of Black people? The answer is no.

When Ferguson was burning, when Baltimore was burning, when Sandra Bland was dying, Patrick Murphy had nothing to say.

So I'm still scratching my head about these endorsements from all of these Black elected officials. Exactly what are they basing their endorsements on? If it's on being a Democrat, Murphy loses to Alan Grayson hands down. If it's on being Black, Pam Keith wins in spades, pun intended. The only thing I can come up with is pure payola.

If it is in fact payola, he better get ready to start paying because He has a lot of palms he is going to have to grease.

I say to all those greedy pastors out there, and you know who you are, if $21,600 was the going rate for endorsements, make Murphy pay you more for access to your congregations.

He has already shown that he thinks Black people are for sale.

As unfortunate as it is, there are those Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas that have discount tags hanging from their heads, so I guess you may as well get the most out of it that you can. He has raised enough money for you.

In the mean time, those of us out here trying to indeed make Black Lives Matter, and make Black Votes Matter, will continue to plug away and continue to try to improve our communities by getting out the vote and trying to reach the people, instead of trying to line our pockets.

To the Black Community I say this: until you actually stand up yourselves and demand change, you are never going to get it. You can't rely on anyone other than YOU to make it happen. They want your vote and that is it. After that, what happens to you, your kids, your families, they do NOT care, and you know it. You see it every day in the struggles that you face. You have to be tired of it.


OUR schools are the ones that are in shambles. OUR kids are the ones consistently at a disadvantage. When will WE be made a priority instead of an option?

OUR unemployment rates are consistently sky-high. WE are the ones consistently living at or below poverty level, and yet we are an afterthought until two weeks prior to a general election.

WE have to demean ourselves when encountered by law enforcement, or end up in body bags. WE have to take submissive roles in order to live in a society that we helped build. Why? Because of the color of our skin.

Our ancestors were bought and sold against their will, thought of as property.

And here we are, today, with our votes, thought of as being in the hands of a few, being bought and sold, as if, again, they are property.

If you aren't "WOKE", then I suggest you wake the hell up real quick!

For the first time in a LONG time we have a choice that isn't bought and paid for.

We have a choice that not only understands us, identifies with us, but will make us a PRIORITY instead of an OPTION, which no one else has.

I have made no secret that I support Pam Keith. While Patrick Murphy and his parents can buy whomever they choose, the media can attempt to shutout Pam Keith, those of who hear her, see her, and support her, know that she is the real deal.

We would not EVER support a man who thinks Black people can be bought and sold like property.

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Leslie Wimes
President at Women on the Move
Leslie is the Founder of Women On The Move, and The Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow her on social media for all exciting things concerning these two organizations.

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