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trump hairBy James T. DeShay
It is hard to believe but no matter how long we live there will be things that will baffle Us. I am sure you remember the old saying how can the pot call the kettle black? Donald Trump has the nerve to call Hillery Clinton a liar. This man does not worry if anything that come out of his month is true.


Donald Trump makes outrages statements about all types of issues. First; Hispanics were the reasons for high crime rates. Then the only war heroes he respected were those that didn't get caught. Now we have to fear all Muslims. He remember seeing a large group of Muslims on TV cheering about the towers coming down. His lies are so easily dismissed. Not one TV network can locate or show any video displaying that behavior.

 He is so arrogant that he refuses to ever apologize about his statement. He is constantly telling us how he gets along with Hispanics,


Blacks, and Muslims. He is truly a bigot and has no idea what it takes to be a president. Trump has no respect what so ever for those who have been elected to leadership in our country. It is one thing to disagree with the decisions people make, it is another call people stupid.

I have disliked a number of president over the last thirty years; but I would never refer to them as stupid. He talks about his ability to negotiate. How is that possible with all the people he alienates through his foolish statements. This man is out of control and is not the type individual we need in leadership. It is truly sad that so many people in the republican party believe in him at all. The United States will never be great if he is elected president.

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