Today's Political Climate Is Very Disturbing

JamesDeShayby James DeShay
Today's political climate is very disturbing. Eight years ago I felt we had turned the corner and were prepared to come together as a nation. No longer divide by gender, race, and economic; but reality has hit. It seems the unity was short lived. The divisions of the past is becoming very visible in the
presidential elections of 2016.

There are groups of individual prepared to reunite with the past in order to bring the Good Old Days

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into the future. No matter the cost they see bigotry and hatred as a way to make America great again. The increased hateful rhetoric is destroying any opportunity for us to obtain the true American Dream as a country.

The rich are refusing to see the need to play a bigger part in bringing fairness into the tax system. Poor whites are aligning themselves with the rich, against their own interest in order to punish groups
they feel are taking their job. White women are embracing politicians that have shown no commitment to women's rights. They are giving their support to individuals that publicly degrade
them constantly.

African Americans find themselves dealing with issues that were once thought to be behind them. Unarmed black men across the country are being killed by police officers. The black community
and others are supporting a movement called Black Lives Matter. It is hard to believe that African Americans would have to publicly declare that their lives have value in 2015.

Muslims and Hispanics are placed on notice by members of the GOP that they are being watch. The Republican Party seem resigned to take us back to the past where lines are drawn and people are made to feel as second class citizens. It is important to read the tea leafs. Those that want to keep Hispanics and Muslims out of the country are one conversation from wanting all minorities out of the country.

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