Will Marco Rubio's Doom and Gloom Campaign' Save The Republican Party?

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Marco Rubio is the heir apparent of the Republican Party after coming in third in Iowa. He stated that "America would be greater than it has ever been or it would be a great nation in decline" if Hillary Clinton win the election to be president. At what point do we start to call the GOP on the carpet for trying to sell us doom and gloom if we were to turn away from their vision of America? How could it ever be possible for America to fall to oblivion?

Presently America arguably is the richest country in the world. America creates more millionaires than

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any other country in the world. We spend more money on protecting our country than any other nation in the world. We are the only super power in the world. What facts are the Republican Party using to show the decline of America?

Under the leadership of President Obama we were able to avoid a full depression, while increasing the number of Americans that were covered with health insurance. Under his guidance unemployment has been reduce from nearly double digits to 5% or less in some places and we are paying less than $2.00 a gallon for gasoline.

News Flash GOP; things are not so bad. The job market is getting better everyday.

However, the GOP is standing in the way of increasing the minimum wage. Big business and corporate America is refusing to pay their fair share of taxes or share their large profits with the working people of America.

The Democratic Party is prepared to lead us forward not return us to the pale blue skies of separate but equal. They uses coded words to disguise the hatred it's members see as progress toward an integrated society.

Bernie Sanders is right, for much to long the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. It is time for everyone to pay their fair share.

The GOP needs to stop blinding Americans to the truth. The Republican Party is not interested in all the people, only the rich people that hold the purse strings. They have no policies of inclusion. The GOP is fighting to keep the status quo in effect. To the Republicans, the working stiff is expendable and people of color will remain on the outside looking in.

Please inform me of any speech given by a republican candidate that suggested he or she would focus on reducing black unemployment or reducing the number of unarmed black men killed in the streets of this country. It is time for poor blacks and whites to merge into a combined force. It is time for black woman and white woman to see the strengthen in their numbers. It is time for all of us that don't have money to stash in foreign accounts to stick together and elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

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