Donald Trump Is No Angel, But...

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By Pam Keith Esq. (Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
Donald Trump is utterly unqualified and unfit to be President. Of this, there is no doubt. But this movement, or should I say, conspiracy, to deny him the GOP nomination sickens me. Every single GOP Presidential candidate is fundamentally flawed, and it just so happens that this year, people prefer the Donald's flavor of strange over Cruz Coockoo or Rubio Rabid.

The voters may be wrong, but so what? We have a system that allows for bad calls. Case

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in point, GWB. But what is being bandied about now is throwing the notion of representational government, of one-person, one-vote, out the window, in order for some overstuffed, arrogant plutocrats to decide who will run this country.

What on earth makes them think their judgement is superior to that of the majority of GOP voters? It is NOT. You cannot manipulate the system to get a desired outcome without destroying the system. If you disenfranchise voters to avoid a Trump nomination, they will lose their faith in this system altogether, and it ain't like they feel all that great about it now.

I used to think that the Citizen's United decision was the greatest threat to our democracy, but I was wrong. The greatest threat to our democracy is the excessive overreach of party leaders who feel that it is their job to attain desired electoral outcomes, rather than facilitate a fair electoral processes. I may not like a Trump presidency, but I would be far more willing to accept it over a process that disenfranchises millions of my fellow Americans, no matter what side of the political fence they may be on.

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