Donald Trump, The Emoticon 'Hate' Dispenser

donald trump angryby Earl L. Small
Let's chat shall we...
For the past few months I've watched the rise of an megalomaniac. "Donald Trump", The man has lied, used deception and now has dipped his corrupted hand into the most explosive domain of them all...the raw emotions of hate & human anger.


Today I sat and watched video of this man as he spoke....during his whole 45 minute rally not once did he talk about topics that would advance America nor did take the time to outline any real plans for this country. What I saw was hate filled faces, screaming and yelling some with raw hate filled passion and it was disgusting.

I saw Donald Trump as the ringmaster of an gladiator match who through yelling and gesturing sought to raise the

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blood lust of those who listened. And he has mastered it, his frenzied audience reminds one of the storied bloodthirsty mobs of old at the Roman Colosseum.

Donald Trump has effectively done more damage to this country than any past racist group could ever do, and the terrifying fact is that now it's moving to the realm of unfiltered violence. Playing on the enraged emotional discontent of the crowd is his sole claim to fame.

In watching the newsfeeds I have seen up swings in minor violent acts and threats of violence against minorities and sadly if Trump continues to feed the crowd his hate filled rhetoric we will eventually move into the no man's land of serious open attacks and violent confrontations.

Ask yourself this, what will happen when one of Trumps hyped up hate filled supporters kills or causes serious injury to someone just because their skin color, country of origin or idealism doesn't match to what they feel is "American"?

I know many of you are reading this and thinking it is a little to far fetched, but many people thought the same thing when Adolf Hitler rose to power in the 1930's by fanning the flame of hate.

History has a way of repeating itself if ignored by good people who sit idle and unresponsive and eventually the world gets exposed to a new power hungry petty dictator.....just like Donald Trump.




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