US Senate Candidate Calls Out Major Newspaper As Offensive

PamKeithby Attorney Pam Keith (Attorney Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
Today, I got solicited by a major newspaper for a reaction to GOP Candidate Carlos Beruff's racist and ignorant comments about President Obama.

I wasn't offended by what Beruff said. He's not worthy of my outrage. After all, racist lunatics brazenly disrespecting the duly elected President of the United States is nothing new. We've been getting a steady diet of that for a while now.

What offends me is that any reputable news outlet would consider that asshat's views newsworthy.

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He's polling at 1% in the GOP race. He has absolutely nothing to offer Floridians other than more racist inanity. And yet he gets all kinds of ink?! Why? The only thing I can figure is that since the Donald, every utterance of racists millionaires is newsworthy, or so our media seems to think. Has the media learned nothing? It makes no difference if the coverage is negative. The coverage counts and helps, no matter what. Are they going to do for Beruff, what they did for Trump, spread mock outrage while enabling him to increase his profile and spread his hateful message?

For the past 14 months, I have been working tirelessly to get my message out, traveling the state relentlessly, and delivering at every event. I served my country honorably in the Navy, have a strong background in foreign relations and advocacy. Never once have I denigrated myself, my President, or any member of the government, and that includes my opponents. And these same outlets refuse to even print that I am in the Senate race, when I am polling well above 10% and in striking distance of my opponents? This media intransigence is disrespectful to me, but more importantly, it's disrespectful TO YOU, to all Floridians who will go to the polls to pick their next Senator. The media is deciding for you that knowing who the candidates are is NOT important, but keeping up on the outrageous blathering of a racist is. THAT IS THE OUTRAGE!!

Carlos Beruff isn't offensive. Our media outlets are offensive. That is all.

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