OurCountryBackby Cynthia Wheeler
US Rep. Ellmers stated, 'American's want this country back!"
These type statements really need to be examined dissected and analyzed.
What 'America' do these people want back?

I don't want slavery back! I don't want Jim Crow back! I don't want separate but equal back!

The nostalgia these Republicans are speaking of was not good for many Americans. There wasn't any child abuse parameters, or domestic abuse laws.


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Wives and children were property that could pretty much be beat and worked like a mule. The first or one of the first child abuse cases had to use animal abuse laws to address abuses that children suffered. Women were financially abused and forced to stay with abusive husbands. There weren't any child labor laws.

Other countries have visions of progressing but the Republican Party is obsessed with moving backward. Traitors to women get on TV and other media outlets to convey that want to go back to be stuck in the home dependent on men while they financially benefit from a system that is contradictory to their statements.

I don't want a pre-labor law, pre-child abuse, pre-domestic, pre-equal opportunity America. Instead of refining and perfecting the great strides America have made, the Republican Party is trying to undue the gains many women, children and minorities have made. The Republican Party is thinking how the hell did we let women, minorities, LGBTQ, etc. get rights and how can the Republican Party undue everything that protects basically ALL nonwhite males.

Our society is not going backwards. American's no longer live like the 40's and 50's in the same communities with all their relatives pitching in. There are big child care issues that not one Presidential candidate has incorporated into the discussion. Child care is just as big an issue and expense as health care and not a single presidential candidate is discussing this, not even Bernie Sanders who wants free college education but hasn't though about child care. IJS

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