Is Mayor Buddy Dyer a Proxy Liar?

    BuddyDyer glasses I attended a meeting Wednesday (9-11-19), at the Orange County Commission Chambers. A talk was given in relations to the ‘Affordable Housing for All’ by, Dr. Tiffany Manuel Author of Building Justice: How to Talk about Racial Equity in a Way That Gets it Done. She addressed the perception of affordable housing. Dr. Manuel is an expert on building inclusive communities. Dr. Manuel gave a tremendous talk and when she was done, we were given the opportunity to ask questions. She fumbled the answers.

     My comment and question was; ‘The Housing for All Initiative states that the major cause for the need to affordable housing is low income, however, there is no plan to address the low income issue. Will you comment on that?’
Dr. Manuel said there are plenty of ways to address the low income issues such as increasing the minimum wages to $15/hr and many other ways.’ She said that low income is really not an issue.

(My comment and the Dr.’s response are paraphrased as I don’t remember the exact wording.)

     I didn’t say anything after that, knowing that her statement was in direct contrast to what was mentioned in the report. The same ‘Regional’ report that she said was among the best that she had seen.
     Dr. Manuel’s statement didn’t surprise me because a few weeks ago at a different venue, Representative Anna V. Eskamani had blocked my questioning of one of Mayor Dyer’s staffers, who had just admitted that there was no plan to address the low income issue.
     So the question is, was Dr. Manuel and Representative Anna V. Eskamani proxy liars for Mayor Buddy Dyer and is Mayor Dyer himself a proxy liar for Orange County Mayor Demings, or, are they all just lying because they don’t have a plan to solve the biggest housing problem in the United States as it relates to affordable housing in Orange County?

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