Ya Know, Maybe Creflo Does Need That Jet After All (humor)



by Joycelyn Harrison Henson
Nigh see!!! I was keekeeing when I heard Rev. Creflo Dollar was soliciting funds for an airplane. I kind of thought it was a joke, as I actually thought he already owned a plane. But I also thought: If he does not already own one, then maybe he does not need one. Surely he could sit comfortably in economy, business, or first class.

It's A Choice Only You Can Make

choicesPatricia Loves Truth
The decisions we make in life have rippling effects. Every choice we make will effect other people and things around us for years or even a lifetime. That's why choosing your mate in life should be based on much more than how attractive you find them.

Have We Been Acclimatized To This Toxic Environment?

toxic symbolby Pastor Joe Flores
It is possible to be in a toxic environment so long that your mind and body acclimatize itself to these poisonous elements that are in your atmosphere.

There are some toxic environments that are just toxic enough to keep you sick or worried or paranoid or insecure or apprehensive or all of that, but may not be toxic enough to kill you.

Whom Do You Honor, Man or God

idolby Pastor Joe Flores
Let me be perfectly clear on this because I know I'm going to take some hits for speaking this truth. I am a firm believer in giving honor where is honor is due. And a more ardent supporter of giving double honor for those who labor in the Word.

Is that clear enough?

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