Cleansing Blood

blood Cleanseby Rev. Dr. Henry Vernon
This teaching of the Lord's message begins in 1 John, chapter 1, but before beginning the message, I want to share something with you.

This teaching that explains a simple experiment you can perform to "…grasp the function of the blood as a cleansing agent. Find a blood pressure test kit and wrap the cuff around your arm. When it is in position, have a friend pump it up to 200 mm. of mercury, a sufficient pressure to stop the flow of blood in your arm. Initially your arm will feel an uncomfortable tightness beneath the cuff.

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spiritualwarfareBy Pastor Bridget
Many of us are appalled from the events such as Isis in Iraq. If you are not familiar with this group they capitalized by taking control of the predominantly Sunni city of Fallujah, in the western province of Anbarn. Growing tensions have been occurring between Iraq"s Sunni minority and Shia-led government.

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Choosing To Suffer Is A Heroic Characteristic

StMosesPastor Joe Flores
I have preached and heard many others preachers say that Moses greatest quality was that he was the meekest man on the earth. This thinking is derived from Numbers 12: 3.

Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth. It is easy to see how the emphasis on Moses meekness catapulted to the top of his many great personal character traits.

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"Amen" or "Amend"

tencommandmentsPastor Joe Flores
The holy scriptures teach us many things. For everything that the Holy Scriptures teach man adds his stuff to it. God gave the children of Israel 10 commandments. The religious elite of the children of Israel added another 635 laws that "they" said were necessary to obey the original 10 that God gave them to live by.

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livepassionatelyby Pastor Joe Flores
"Don't allow your emotions to cloud your judgment", is popular conventional wisdom that most of us are familiar with. Thinking retrospectively I can remember times when I applied that wisdom and I can remember times when I wish I had applied that wisdom more definitely. In business, management and the execution of tasks it is more often a useful piece of advice. Socrates, the father of philosophy said "Know thyself".

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