Futureby Desiree 'Des' Ross
God continually has our future on His mind and in His purpose. The Almighty's passion for the future is also witnessed in the fact that God thinks generationally. When God established His covenant through Abraham, He was planning that Abraham's descendants would become a nation.

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Welcome to the Den

LionDenby Rev. Dr. Henry Vernon
My God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths, so that they have not hurt me.
Daniel 6:22
Recommended Reading - Daniel 6:10-11
Psalm 11:3 asks: "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Sometimes we feel we're living in the reality of that verse. As humanism and secularism erode the Judeo-Christian foundations of society, Christians face hostility from a secular culture.

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Pastor, Leader, Friend, Shepardby Pastor Joe Flores
--People have told me that I am hard on preachers. I must confess that although I maintain a healthy respect for the calling and gift of the pastor to the church, the position of the pastor has been vitiated by the lack of character and the demoralizing behavior of many of the men and women who occupy the pulpit and carry this moniker.

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Speak Truth, Even When There Is A Price To Pay

TruthSpeakwritten by Rev. Dr. Henry Vernon
For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.
Acts 4:20
Recommended Reading
Acts 23:1-10
One of life's greatest tests is whether to tell the truth when there may be a price to pay. Nathan the prophet did it when he pointed out King David's sins. Peter and John preached the Gospel even after the Jewish leaders told them to stop.

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Leadership without Accountability leads to failureby Pastor Joe Flores
In psychology there is a concept known as "projection". 'Projection' is when a person projects their behavior and responses onto another as if the other person feels, reacts and responds as they would. In short, the projectionist says, because I feel, act, react or respond this way you must feel act, react or respond in the same way, because that’s how I am.

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