Are You One Of God's Elite Class?

RevWilliamBarberby Samantha M Phillips (comments on Rev. Dr. William Barber Dem. Convention Speech)
"I'm so concerned with those who say so much about what God says so little while saying so little about what God says so much" Rev Dr William J. Barber, II

I don't know for sure, but can safely assume from the full content of his speech that Dr Barber & I may not share the exact same position on every predominate policy of our time. However, we do agree on the majority of what his speech is saying and calling out to our nation for!

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Are Some Pastors Disrespecting God's Holiness?

SamanthaMPhillipsBy Dr. Samantha M Phillips
I CANNOT STAY SILENT on the issue. It's been something grieving my Spirit and today I must speak.
- Kirk Franklin & Kelly Price's Appearance on Kanye West's new song 'Ultralightbeam,' Is this a God thing? Are Kirk & Kelly compromising? Is Kanye West really seeking to know the one true and living God?

- Preachers of Atlanta featuring those who bear the title PASTOR but who openly cuss and act in a very carnal manner using the reasoning of trying to reach lost people. Not ALL the cast does it but of course the focus in on those that do. Is it okay? Are they a disgrace to the church at large? Are they disrespecting God's holiness?

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Black Pastors Supporting Trump Does Not Represent The Moral Conscience and Social Heart of Black People

Trump Bibleby Attorney Camara Williams
Let us first address the dynamic of the "African American Preacher" and his congregation. It has been well expounded upon that after reconstruction era all the way until the end of the civil rights movement in the 70's. The Black preacher was considered the moral mouthpiece, heart, leader and often times "oral" newspaper for the community.

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I Am Absent From The Church Assembly, But I Remain Humble

JamesDeshay Beardby James T. DeShay
Success does not give anyone the right to be arrogant! It also does not mean your walk is being blessed by God. I am a true believer and I presently don't have a church home. I have been absent from the assemble for over ten years. My upbringing has enabled me to remain humble despite my ability to remain afloat financially. I also remain a dreamer.

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