Black Pastors Supporting Trump Does Not Represent The Moral Conscience and Social Heart of Black People

Trump Bibleby Attorney Camara Williams
Let us first address the dynamic of the "African American Preacher" and his congregation. It has been well expounded upon that after reconstruction era all the way until the end of the civil rights movement in the 70's. The Black preacher was considered the moral mouthpiece, heart, leader and often times "oral" newspaper for the community.

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I Am Absent From The Church Assembly, But I Remain Humble

JamesDeshay Beardby James T. DeShay
Success does not give anyone the right to be arrogant! It also does not mean your walk is being blessed by God. I am a true believer and I presently don't have a church home. I have been absent from the assemble for over ten years. My upbringing has enabled me to remain humble despite my ability to remain afloat financially. I also remain a dreamer.

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Jesus Said, "The Poor Will Be With You Always." But So Will The Spineless

spine spinelessby Pastor Joe Flores
I believe that we are living in times where more than ever before true hearted people of faith want and need a powerful experience with God. Every day I am more convinced than ever that people are tired of "church" services that are little more than religious exercise. Entertainment "church" gets old fast, when your heart really needs a Word from God. Religious entertainment is a poor substitute for an authentic, life changing, move of God.

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Words Matter

wordsmatterby Pastor Joe Flores
Psalms 45:1 (PT1)
My heart is stirred by a noble theme
as I recite my verses for the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.
This passage of scripture spoke to my heart this morning during my personal devotion and worship time with the Lord. Let me share a just little of ( part 1) what the Rhema of the Holy Spirit gave to me this morning on this scripture.

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Jesusby Pastor Joe Flores
Today, I had several conversations with people I just met that proved two very powerful truths to me. You've probably heard people say, usually in a pejorative (negative) context, "there's a church on every corner".My conversations today convinced me that:

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