A Generation Of PREYING Pastors?

PastorPulpitToday thousands of people right here in Hampton Roads and across the nation will go to churches and sit at the feet of pastors. Many of these pastors started churches or began to pastor in the past 10 years. Ninety percent of them are ill prepared to pastor and cannot pastor themselves much less anyone else.

They should not be in the position of pastor at all. They are childish, immature, insensitive, rude, fussy, full of themselves, classless, without revelation, and they are not due honor. Their lack or prayer glares so brightly that it is blinding to their un-discerning sheep.  Many of their sheep are silly, infatuated women who are in desperate need of some man's, approval to consider herself worthy of her own personage. Many of the sheep of these "worst pastors in history" are childlike in their spiritual development themselves and seek a man's validation to be what God called them to be. The ill prepared pastor and those who shouldn't be a pastor at all prey on these types to survive. They are predators who have enter the pastorate through a window of opportunity rather than a legitimate calling. They conned their way into Moses seat through somebody's open back door, not by the succession of properly, spiritually, fathered sons.

Ninety percent of the generation of pastors of the last decade are the least prepared to pastor in the history of the church. If not for the 10% of strong, solid, mature, properly mentored, well-prepared pastors of the last decade, this would be highly distressing. For the truly God called and the God anointed pastors, this reality is the elephant in the room that everybody is trying to ignore. I for one will not conspire by silence with these big bodied children who are more of a judgment on the body of Christ than a blessing.

This commentary is the result of 40 years of observation of the LEADERSHIP IN THE BODY OF CHRIST AND THOSE SERVING IN THE MINISTRY IN PARTICULAR. For those who say well you should just pray for them. God's judgment for false shepherds is not to pray for them. God's judgment for false shepherds explains to His people why He has allowed them to exist and ascend to leadership positions. In short, it was a judgment against His own people. Isaiah 3: 4 says "I will allow CHILDREN TO BE THEIR PRINCES. AND BABIES SHALL RULE OVER THEM." THAT WAS GOD'S ANSWER TO THE EXISTENCE OF FALSE SHEPHERDS. UNDERSTANDING THIS REQUIRES A DEEP AND WIDE PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE BODY OF CHRIST THAT MOST TRULY CALLED AND ANOINTED PASTORS WILL HAVE ON SOME LEVEL. UNLESS ONE IS GUILTY AS CHARGED I DOUBT THAT MANY EXPERIENCED, SEASONED, ANOINTED PASTORS WILL PROFUSELY DISAGREE.

P a s t o r J o e F l o r e s
Pastor Joe Floors
Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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