LeadershipGiving instruction and direction is a function of leadership. Everyone is born with a leadership gene. Everyone one is born with the capacity to instruct and direct. Men are purposed to be fathers and women are purposed to be mothers by the leadership gene that is embedded into our DNA.


By virtue of the need for family development and guidance, God deposited leadership capability in us all. However, the variable that demands concern is the scope of our leadership authority. The extent or limitation of our scope of leadership authority is what often complicates the leadership issue. 


Who do you have the credibility to lead? Who you have the authority to instruct? These complex questions often cause people to trespass into leadership ground upon which they have no authority to stand. When this happens, instruction and direction are deemed unauthorized and therefore illegitimate.

Birth and birthright are natural boundaries of one's leadership scope. Your birth (entrance into the world) naturally ordains that you, lead you! The birth of your children naturally ordains that you lead them!
Beyond these natural boundaries of leadership, there are a number of elements that play a pivotal role in who you have the authority to lead or instruct and direct. This is what I refer to as your scope of leadership.  The eight variables that increase or limit your scope of leadership in life are purpose, gifting, skill, responsibility, respect, maturity, credibility and honor.  Your degree of or mastery of these elements determines the extent of your scope of leadership or your authority to instruct and direct others.

The foundation of your scope of leadership is built in your natural birth and birthright leadership gene. However, the mechanics of leadership requires that the exercise of leadership be applied to yourself before expansion is legally authorized.

Therefore, the leadership of self is the derivative foundation upon which leadership authority is determined. Simply put, you must lead yourself well before you have the God ordained authority to lead others effectively. More specifically, the conscious initiative to wisely and humbly lead ones self is the first test of greater leadership potential, ability, credibility and authority.

Commit to leading yourself well before you expect the applause of those whom you attempt to instruct, direct or lead. If you choose to lead others without the credibility of self-leadership first, don’t be too shocked if you don’t get the response that you anticipated. To increase your leadership scope, lead yourself well first.

- Pastor Joe Flores 
Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints  Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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