Why Are Enemies Necessary?

Why do we need enemies?I know you still may be thinking, “Is there really no other way for God to accomplish His goals for us except with this ‘slay the giants’ routine?”

This is a good question. Most of us who have been around church for a while are comfortable with a more benign scenario. Aren’t Christians supposed to be nice, peaceable folks known for loving others and doing good deeds? Why should such people have enemies?


The big-picture answer is the war between the kingdom of God and all its enemies (spiritual warfare). Until Jesus comes back, we are all living behind enemy lines. The war may have been won, but skirmishes and even all-out battles are just the way it is.

But the more critical reason we have enemies is that your life and mine count for something. We are not accidents. You and I have a role to play in an epic drama that involves a God who has grand purposes:

God has intent about every person’s life,
which means no one was a mistake.

You may have been the product of an affair, a rape, even incest, but God chose to bring life through that experience in the form of you. God was intentional with your arrival.

I’ve known since I was a youngster, at the age of fourteen (14), that I was destined to be a preacher. So when my run-in with the police came about, in my hay days of drinking and driving, I wondered, with my future in the ministry still unanswered and unfulfilled was I faced with losing it all? Had I messed up in some way? Had God left the building (body)? What was he thinking?

I wasn’t really ready to admit it, but what I had done for so long in life wasn’t working that well anymore. I was a bit stuck. I needed to try some new things and the church brought a fresh vision. But change was not easy. I wish it could have happened some other way, but I needed an enemy to blast me out of my comfort zone in the world.

I needed to learn in a deeper way that God has a lot of plans for the world, plans that include you and me, and He allows us to go through some things in our rejection of Him on the journey of life to prepare us for what is coming ahead. I was beginning to learn the true meaning of “The Necessity of An Enemy.”

Keep Believing,
Dr. “V”
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