Trusting God, Knowing God

AngelMy God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths, so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent before Him. 

Daniel 6:22

Recommended Reading
Job 13:11-19
A Christian bishop from Africa was visiting churches in the United States. When commenting on the differences between the Church in America and the Church in Africa, he laughed and said, "In America, you have blessed insurance. In Africa, all we have is blessed assurance! "

The story of the people of God suggests that the deepest knowledge of God comes from those who have had to trust Him most. That connection can be seen in the life of the prophet Daniel in Babylon and Persia. It is no surprise that the most detailed and far-reaching prophecies in the Old Testament were delivered through a man who, beginning as a teenager, had to trust God with His very life. More than once Daniel put his life on the line out of obedience to God. And in each case, God honored Daniel's faith with deliverance and revelation.

Instead of placing confidence in plans of our own making, we are called to be available to His purpose and to trust God when He leads. You can be confident that when He is needed the most—God will be there to lead and to guide.

You will never understand why God does what He does, but if you believe Him, that is all that is necessary. Let us learn to trust Him for who He is.

1 Samuel 13-14

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