The City of Orlando Supports The Desecration Of Black Churches In Parramore For Sport

Faith Deliverance Temple, Orlando, Fl.These comments were written in response to the City or Orlando's plan to condemn a Black Church located in Parramore in order to make room for investor owned soccer stadium.

by Tim Adams
The CITY of ORLANDO Should not take the church for entertainment or sports developers; who are private investors. The Church Should be Allowed to remain in its property and the soccer field should be designed away from that parcel of land.

The church has a Right to exist right where it is and grow and prosper and to serve a public purpose. Freedom of religion, and freedom of speech for the thousands of people who are living in the inner city now, and the thousands who willComproTax Cul 200X200 move there later.

The church deserves the right to benefit from the growth and development of the West Orlando Inner City, just as does any other church that remains downtown whose members are European American majority.

African American Churches have suffered more than any other group proportionately in Orlando; Saint mark, and Saint John are Two Churches that our Group Advocated for and Caused the East West Expressway to increase; when those Concrete Structures were Taken by Local Government, for less than one Hundred thousand Dollars; While White Churches made of Wood were taken for more than One Hundred ThousandJohnHughes Banner Dollars.

The most valuable lands in Orlando include the land on West Church Street. African Americans built and paid taxes on the lands on that part of Orlando long before our Mayor was born!

We paid more and suffer the most! These actions to support billionaires and millionaires are wrong!

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