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PastorJoeby Pastor Joe Flores
I'm feeling a certain kind-a-way over a few things and in that certain "kind-a-way" feeling. I'm disciplining myself to keep things in prayer before the Lord, to stay in His word, to exercise mercy, kindness, wisdom, patience, leadership, love and being led by the Spirit, in spirit and through His Word.

Every day I learn more, that who I am influences how all that goes. If the truth be told, when you are a passionate person, your passion for what you stand for burns like fire.

When you truly believe the bible stuff like, "seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness". When spiritual principles and truths are deeply personal to you and not just a show to impress people or facade to gain a religious reputation or a shtick to build a following, you tend to grapple with little foxes more so than others.

At least, for me that is what it feels like. So, I'm wrestle right now, not with flesh and blood

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but with principles of being and thinking, strong influences in this Kingdom of God thing and my personal role with friends considering what I've been equipped to supply. If you ever get a real call from God and He has equipped you with purpose, gifting and vision, sorting things out, rightly dividing truth, discerning people and spirits and wrestling with well-disguised spiritual wickedness in high places will become an often encounter state of being.

Navigating the proper thoughts, emotions, behaviors and conversation is strictly a Holy Spirit thing. After while in your walk with God you realize that there are life seasons that are filled with booby-traps for your soul that only Jesus can walk you through without exploding them. Walk with me Lord, walk with me. Walk with me Lord, walk with me. While I'm on this tedious journey, walk with me Lord, walk with me.-Pastor Joe Flores

Pastor Joe Flores - Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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