Okay Black Businesses, Let's Create A REAL Plan

flcbb logoby Jonathan S. Blount
Firstly, may I echo the sentiments of gratitude and appreciation to the visionaries who provided the conceptional inspiration for "Black Business Day" advocacy and to those who took the time to support an auspicious beginning.

As Founding Chair and President of Essence Communications, several other media and other business entities, I helped to create catagories of Black Business opportunity and interest. I never could have imagined that over 45 years later, We would still be fighting the same battles. Yet today, we must fight harder since generationally, there is a disconnection as to the need for such advocacy and action. Clearly, "We have not Overcome

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U.S. Military Veterans Take the Stage!

LorettaWhite1Have you ever wanted to tell your story so bad, get your point across, had so much on your mind and just needed someone to listen? Well Playwright Loretta Morris White from Central Florida & Playwright Maurice Tyson living in Atlanta, Ga have found a way to make a difference in the communities and be heard in a positive way.

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Enterprise Florida’s President Paid $230,000 and Bonus $70,000

EnterpriseFloridaby Roger Caldwell
Enterprise Florida Inc. is a public-private partnership that serves as Florida’s primary organization to provide statewide economic development. Its mission is to facilitate job growth for Florida’s businesses and citizens leading to a vibrant statewide economy.

The Chairman of the Board is Governor Scott and there is no transparency and accountability with the citizens of the state.

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Where is Governor Scott's Job Plan for African Americans in Florida?

jobgrowthby Roger Caldwell
Since Governor Scott has taken office in 2010, the state unemployment numbers have dropped from 11.1 % to 6.7%, and there has been 440,000 private sector jobs created. Based on our governor's numbers the good times are here again in Florida. It would appear that the recession is over, jobs are plentiful and the middle class is booming.

National Bar Association Hypocrisy:Your pro-boycott position is not credible

NationalBarAssocPosted on July 30, 2013

National Bar Association Hypocrisy: Your pro-boycott position would be more credible if you had cancelled your convention.

As I write this entry here on Constitutionally-Speaking.com, the National Bar Association (“NBA”), the oldest and largest association of African-American attorneys and judges in the United States is having their convention in Miami Florida. The NBA was established in 1925 as the “Negro Bar Association.”

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