UFCCI Offers Black Businesses Success Share Program

SuccessThe United Fellowship of Community Churches, Intl., invites Black owned businesses to share their good news and company milestones with our online readers. This is accomplished through www.CommunitySteeple.com.


This is how it works. Send us a press release of awards your company or staff may have received recently. Your company may have reached a milestone, or maybe you survived being in business for three years, five years, or something like that. Maybe you participated in a fundraiser to help the homeless or school kids or something of this nature. You know, something that you are proud of. We will get the word out to the community.

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Why Do 95% of Entrepreneurs Fail?

This article originally published in West Orlando News Online.

Entrepreneurs and owners of small business startups, are very courageous people. They face the massive odds, trying to provide for their families with little real outside support other than family and friends. Generally they have an idea about a product or service or they have what they consider a major improvement on an existing product or service.

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Walmart:Community Genocide

This article originally published in West Orlando News Online.

Even as employees from all around the country are on strike while planning the largest Black Friday boycott in the history of the company, Orlando City officials and local community leaders will break ground to start construction of a 40,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart Neighborhood grocery store.

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Why We Don"t Need Another Walmart In West Orlando

This article originally published in West Orlando News Online.

Okay, I read the articles in various media outlets about a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store coming to Washington Shores. They all talked about Washington Shores being a food desert and welcomed the market to the neighborhood.

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The WALMART Deception

This article originally published in West Orlando News Online.

Walmart Sign‘So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.’ This is a line from the 2005 movie, “Star Wars, Revenge Of The Sith.” This is the scene where during the Special Session Of Congress, Chancellor Palpatine, Leader of the Galatic Senate was elaborating on a false plot by the Jedi to take over the Senate.

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